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Rand Paul is what is wrong with the Republican Party! Plans to give "Tea Party" response to Obama's State of the Union Speech

Ron Paul was a small time grifter who made a career out of talking “conservative” and peddling his “investment” and “political” newsletters. Never having the respect of his fellow legislators and having no record of achievement as a legislator in spite of decades in office. A self-serving man who is attempting to use the United Nations, the very organization he demonized, to obtain tribute websites that were established by his followers – all for the purposes of fundraising for his own activities. A disrupter and divider who refused to endorse the Republican candidate for office and whose acolytes threatened to sit home.

Now we find the same type of disrupter nonsense from his son – another small time grifter, Rand Paul, who learned from pappy how to talk “conservative” and turn it into a political career. He is a man who simply assumed the self-proclaimed leadership of the “Tea Party Movement” which, by original intent, did not anticipate a formal structure, leadership or control by sitting politicians.

Rand Paul is not the leader of the Tea Party Movement – a movement made up of disaffected democrats, independents and republicans who were fed up with the current corrupt and self-serving system. If anything, Rand Paul is what is wrong with politics today.

So why would the Republican Party, whose official response to President Obama’s State of the Union Speech will be given by Marco Rubio, allow their message to be diluted by a pretender to the Tea Party throne? This man represents the Republican Party in office, so should be under the control of the party.


What the hell is wrong with Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, if he permits this second response to the State of the Union speech?

Bottom line …

I think Rand Paul should be marginalized as nothing more than one who “speaks conservative” and accomplishes nothing of importance. Let him give up his Republican identity and become an independent. We lost the last chance to stop creeping international socialism because of the divisions within the Republican Party, let’s not lose another due to Rand Paul and his self-serving foolishness.

-- steve


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