Another Obama & Emanuel FAIL? Teen senselessly killed hours after sister heard Obama's speech that didn't mention gangs! Black activists jump and down about the use of the N-Word, but say nothing about GANG violence that is killing them?
America in decline?

Questions that Obama will never ask, nor answer, about education ...

What is the purpose of education?

A. To develop a self-sufficient, self-sustaining citizen.

B.  To provide financial support to the socialist unions.

C.  To develop obedient, well-trained workers for our industrial society.

D.  All of the above.

If increased taxpayer dollars do not result in increased graduation rates, why will more money equate to more educated students?

A.   More money will NOT result in more educated students.

B.   More money will allow the hiring of better qualified teachers.

C.   More money will allow for the building of modern educational institutions.

D.   All of the above.

If education begins with parents, why are parents not held accountable for the discipline and educational of their children?

A.   They are too busy earning a living, so they cannot be held accountable.

B.   They do not have the requisite education level to help their children, so they cannot be held accountable.

C.   They must turn to government to accept some of the responsibility.

D.    All of the above.

Can the government insure equal opportunities for students?

A.   The government is a dysfunctional, self-serving bureaucracy that cannot mange their own affairs.

B.    The government needs to create unionized work for lower-achieving students to assure equal outcomes.

C.    The government needs to regulate industry to insure they pay higher wages, provide more healthcare benefits, and create pensions for everyone.

D.    All of the above.

The most apt analogy that can be given:  the government should legislate hollowed-out dumbells and weights for gym class so those who cannot lift the weight, feel better about themseves, their school, their teachers, and their government.

Bottom line …

A federal governments obligations to “We the People” are well-defined in the United States Constitution. While the federal government is responsible for the safety and security of the nation, and the overall health of the economy, there is no legal basis for using the taxpayer’s money to produce an equality of outcome rather than an equality of opportunity. There is no legal basis for the federal government to control education. But, there is a legal requirement that the federal government enforce equality under the law, not creating any favored class for political purposes.

So the first thing an educated person might determine is that our government has gone beyond their enumerated powers and that the self-serving corruption of our politicians is destroying our nation.

No wonder they talk about education and do very little to really improve a student’s knowledge of the things that count most in life; self-sufficiency and the ability to live in a self-sustaining manner without government intrusion.

-- steve

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