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It used to be that medals were awarded for valor or participation in battles. Now, it appears that a remote drone pilot or cyber-warrior can be awarded a medal while sitting in a safe location, in a cushy chair – provided he kills the right terrorist, saves troops on the ground or interdicts a cyber attack. It’s called the “Distinguished Warfare Medal” described as a  brass pendant, nearly two inches tall, with a laurel wreath that circles a globe. There is an eagle in the center. The ribbon has blue, red and white stripes. No pictures have been released by the Pentagon.

Its ranking is above a Bronze Star (4th highest medal) and lower than a Silver Star. The medal itself is not that unusual as there is also a “Defense Distinguished Service Medal” which is not awarded for combat activities.

One must wonder if awarding or wearing such a medal in public is tantamount to putting a bullseye on our best assets so they can be picked off by our enemies, both foreign and domestic while they walk down the street?

-- steve

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