"It's for the children" scam being applied to health care data collection by Health and Human Services Obamacare!

National Prayer Breakfast: Distinguished Black Doctor Destroys Political Correctness in front of Barack Obama

Watch  Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, a distinguished neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital destroy political correctness and say everything you have always wanted to say – right in front of Barack Obama…. 

He highlighted everything that Obama finds difficult to discuss: political correctness, education, poverty, strong parents, the deficit, taxation, and healthcare. THIS IS A MUST SEE!


Some of the excerpts …

Political Correctness …  

I have discovered, however, in recent years that it's very difficult to speak to a large group of people these days and not offend someone. The PC police are out in force at all times. … and we've reached reach the point where people are afraid to actually talk about what they want to say because somebody might be offended. We've got to get over this sensitivity.  

You know, and it keeps people from saying what they really believe.  

What we need to do in this PC world is for forget about unanimity of speech and unanimity of thought, and we need to concentrate on being respectful to those people with whom we disagree. And that's when I believe we begin to make progress.   

And, one last thing about political correctness, which I think is a horrible thing, by the way. I'm very, very compassionate, and I'm not never out to offend anyone.  

But, PC is dangerous. Because, you see, this country one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression. And it muzzles people. It puts a muzzle on them. And at the same time, keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this society is being changed. And we cannot fall for that trick. And what we need to do is start talking about things, talking about things that are important.

The failure of education, a loving parent, victimhood, motivation, and personal responsibility …

I'm very passionate about education because it's made such a big difference in my life. But here we are at a time in the world, the information age, the age of technology, and yet 30% of people who enter high school in this country do not graduate. 44% of people who start a four-year college program do not finish it in four years.

What is that about?

Think back to a darker time in this our history. Two hundred years ago when slavery was going on it was illegal to educate a slave, particularly to teach them to read. Why do you think that was? Because when you educate a man, you liberate a man.

And there I was as a youngster placing myself in the same situation that a horrible institution did because i wasn't taking advantage of the education. I was a horrible student. Most of my classmates thought i was the stupidest person in the world. They called me dummy. I was the butt of all the jokes. Now, admittedly, it was a bad environment. Single-parent home, you know, my mother and father had gotten divorced early on. My mother got married when she was 13. She was one of 24 children. Had a horrible life. Discovered that her husband was a bigamist, had another family. And she only had a third grade education.

She had to take care of us. Dire poverty. I had a horrible temper, poor self-esteem. All the things that you think would preclude success.

But I had something very important, I had a mother who believed in me, and I had a mother who would never allow herself to be a victim no matter what happened. Never made excuses, and she never accepted an excuse from us. And if we ever came up with an excuse, she always said do you have a brain? And if the answer was, yes, then she said then you could have thought your way out of it. It doesn't matter what John or Susan or Mary or anybody else did or said. And it was the most important thing she did for my brother and myself.

Because if you don't accept excuse, pretty soon people stop giving them, and they start looking for solutions. And that is a critical issue when it comes to success. Well, you know, we did live in dire poverty, and one of the things that I hated was poverty. You know, some people hate spider, some people hate snakes, I hated poverty.

I began to read about people of great accomplishment, and as I read those stories, I began to see a connecting thread. I began to see that the person who has the most to do with you and what happens to you in life is you.  You make decisions. You decide how much energy you want to put behind that decision. And, I came to understand that I had control of my own destiny. And, at that point I didn't hate poverty anymore, because I knew it was only temporary. I knew I could change that. It was incredibly liberating for me, made all the difference.

If you really want to be impressed, take a look at the chapter on education in my latest book, “America the Beautiful,” which I wrote with my wife, came out last year. And, in that education chapter you will see questions extracted from a sixth grade exit exam. I doubt most college graduates today could pass that test.

We have dumbed things down to that level. And, the reason that that is so dangerous is because the people who founded this nation said that our system of government was designed for a well-informed and educated populace. And, when they become less informed, they become vulnerable.

Think about that.

And it goes on to skewer almost every failure of government, especially the policies of the current democrat party.

Why is it so important that we educate our people?

Because we don't want to go down the same pathway as many other pinnacle nations have preceded us. I think particularly about ancient Rome. Very powerful, nobody could even challenge them militarily. But what happened to them?

They destroyed themselves from within. Moral decay, fiscal irresponsibility. They destroyed themselves.

And. if you don't think that can happen to America, you get out your books and you start reading. But, you know, we can fix it. Why can we fix it? Because we are smart. We have some of the most intellectually gifted people leading our nation. All we need to do is remember what our real responsibilities are so we can solve the problems.

You need to hear this speech. To understand what this man is saying. A living testament to man’s ability to rise from power to a position of responsibility in the greatest nation on Earth.

Bottom line …

Ask yourself why, why Barack Hussein Obama – the media darling who is such a brilliant mind and great orator – could not have given this very speech? Because he is all about creating victims for political advantage. All about creating scarcity so that it can be managed for political advantage. All about dumbing down education, so people do not know how to think for themselves and accept the false words of the enlightened elite as gospel.

And because Barack Hussein Obama is a fundamentally dishonest and disingenuous man bent on pursuing political power to put forth his radical socialist agenda.

There was no way Obama could have given this speech because he is constitutionally (pun intended) unable to face Americans and tell them he and his fellow travelers are the ones leading them down the garden path.

-- steve

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