Christopher Dorner: Will Armed Drones Be Used Against an American Citizen in the Continental United States?
LAPD: selective enforcement? -- Aims at Asian maternity tourists, ignoring Mexican illegal alien maternity tourists?

Is this what Americans really think? (((((((((( USA IS A BIG LIE )))))))))))

I am now seeing this particular blog response pop-up on various blogs …

Money has no value;
Medicine sickens you so you buy other drugs;
US government is a Democracy without true representation;
Police isn't there to serve and protect the public;
Wars are based on profits, not what they say;
Preachers are liars and a den of thieves;
Boobs are made out of plastic;
HS grads can't even read;
Master's Degrees don't land you a job;
US politicians serve the banksters, not the public;
USA is a joke .

<Source: Lunatic Outpost>

Is this a manifestation of “Many a truth is spoken in Jest?”

There is little or no doubt that the government, in conjunction with the privately-owned Federal Reserve’s ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) has provided for the recapitalization of technically insolvent banks with a monetary policy that guarantees both big profits and executive bonuses at the largest financial institutions who were designated “too big to fail” and that have grown even larger in the face of politicians telling you that the situation is under control.

  • We are about to see a potential explosion in new psychiatric treatments with the publication of a new psychological handbook.
  • The corruption of self-serving politicians is almost beyond comprehension. These politicians serve the special interests such as the unions and major industry lobbying groups in return for campaign contributions and voter support. “We the People” are a second thought.
  • It is true that the police do not have a sworn duty to protect individuals or their property, but to protect the government infrastructure and maintain good “general” order in society.
  • We have more highly-paid special contractors working for the military than soldiers in some areas. War is a billion dollar business – even wars like Afghanistan which are unwinnable even though we are spending dollars on infrastructure which is blown away in the next round of terrorism. You cannot impose central control over a tribal society, ask the Russians who used even more harsh methods than allowed by American Rules of Engagement.
  • One need look at Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakahn, and Father Phleger to understand about money and politics superseding the needs of the flock.
  • Cosmetic surgery has been taken to new lows – if you know what I mean. Vaginal reconstruction and beautification, anal bleaching, etc.  
  • Education is a joke. Lessons and tests are dumbed down lest they not embarrass union-controlled educators who cannot teach anything other than political activism in the never-ending quest for more taxpayer money.
  • Master’s Degree in useless subjects like transformative history and societal disparities are relatively useless in the real world – other than to produce more activist teachers.
  • As for gangsters and banksters, I cannot disagree as many of the consumer protections have been weakened or nullified by corrupt politicians and federal consumer agencies.

Bottom line …

There is nothing funny about the present situation and the United States of America is not a joke. There is still time to throw corrupt and self-serving politicians out of office in 2014 and 2016. There is also the possibility that the President of the United States can be impeached for his unconstitutional actions or his eligibility for office challenged in a meaningful manner.

But it is up to you, the voter. Up until now you have voted for skin color over competency and honesty. Style over substance. And you are reaping the rewards of your actions. If you continue to do nothing and “go along to get along” you will soon find yourself staring into the abyss which makes the financial cliff look like an ant hill.

-- steve

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