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Gun Control: Why isn't Chicago the safest city on Earth?

A child in Chicago is killed in an apparent gang-related attack, and it becomes a cause célèbre for attacks on the Constitution’s Second Amendment and calls for increased gun control. Considering that Chicago already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, the only thing left is an outright gun ban and confiscation of presently-owned weapons. Since history and commonsense tells us that criminals and crazies do not respect the law, the consequence of disarming the law-abiding citizens of Chicago would be to enlarge the pool of innocent victims and result in an exponential increase in gun-related deaths and criminal activities.

So with their current gun restrictions, why isn’t Chicago the safest city on Earth?

The answer is simple: corrupt, socialist democrat douchebags – people who are willing to say and do anything which advances their toxic political agenda and assures perpetual control over the City of Chicago.

Chicago was the crime and violence capital of the world in the heyday of prohibition. With a toxic brew of corrupt politicians, gangsters and police. While prohibition was repealed, it appears that the same toxic brew of corrupt politicians, gangsters and police still exists. Only the gangsters have changed. From those associated with organized crime to those minority gangs fighting over turf and drugs.

And still the Chicago democrat politicians will fight for gun control, but refuse to mount an all-out campaign against the gangs that are disproportionately wielding the guns in minority-on-minority crime. 

Bottom line …

One can only surmise that the douchebag democrats do not want to pursue gang-related criminal activity because: one, it puts their lives at risk from ruthless gangs; and two, any attack on gangs would be perceived by other liberals as profiling and attacking minorities – coincidently the power base of the Chicago democrats.

So the little ballerina with the big mouth, Rahm Emanuel, continues to exploit the apparent crisis of a child being killed to push the socialist dream of disarming America. With the Black community leadership – mostly reverends who can be purchased per election for walking around money – wrings their hands and demands action. But., not too much action, lest church-going mothers – the fathers having long abdicated their parental roles – be forced to turn in their gang-banger offspring.

People in the ‘hood know who the gangbangers are, but remain reluctant to put their lives on the line to combat the crime which leads to gun-related deaths. And, without community support, heaven forbid the heavily-armed paramilitary police should take a proactive stance against gang-related criminal activities.

What appears to be needed in Chicago is another fearless Eliot Ness – an incorruptible law enforcement leader who can put together a gang unit free from political influence. And, while we are dreaming, a political infrastructure that doesn’t steal development funds and actually works on behalf of the residents of Chicago.

-- steve  

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