Liberals attack sheriff's department -- suggest the possible use of military incendiary grenades to burn Christopher Dorner alive (Updated)
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Gun Control in Chicago: enough is enough -- political cowards refuse to go after minority gangs

As you could plainly see from the rash of crazies and criminals using guns, restricting law-abiding citizens from possessing weapons, even high-capacity ones, will not reduce the violence.

In fact, what we learned from the recent death of Christopher Dorner is that law enforcement will expend time, effort and money providing round-the-clock protection to their own, whereas a woman facing a violent spouse has little more than a legal restraining order. In this case, the woman faces as much or more credible threat to her life than did people mentioned in Dorner’s manifesto.

Here is the latest outrage from Chicago …

Indiana Guardsman Gunned Down While Shielding 2-Year-Old Son - Home from Afghanistan for just five months, 25-year-old Indiana National Guardsman Willie Cook was gunned down while shielding his two-year-old son. On February 2, Cook, was shot and killed while in a car near his grandmother’s East Chicago house where he was taking Antoine for a visit. The veteran was found on top of his little boy, shielding him from the 15 bullets that pierced the car.

Antoine was hit, too, in the left leg. Another bullet skimmed his right and a third grazed the toddler’s head. Police believe Cook’s murder was a case of mistaken identity, possible retaliation for another shooting just days before. The couple was planning their wedding, and a future.  Incidentally, Sgt. Cook was a member of national guard unit 713, the same unit that lost six members in Afghanistan last year. Cook also has another child. Source: Indiana Guardsman Gunned Down While Shielding 2-Year-Old Son « CBS Chicago

Bottom line …

It appears that the democrat-controlled political structure refuses to go after gangs in Chicago. One, because the oh-so politically correct liberals do not want to acknowledge that profiling works, do not want to be considered racists for going after minority gangs, do not want to upset their minority voting base, and do not want to admit that the so-called community leader reverends are all talk and no walk. Even the heavily-guarded Minister Louis Farrakahn says nothing while the Fruit of Islam guards their own people from gangs.

But the biggest reason is that the politicians and police fear violence directed at them in retaliation for a crack down. Much the same as Southern California law enforcement withdrew motorcycle officers and shielded others from possible interactions with Dorner.

It is time that liberals like Rahm “the ballerina” Emanuel quit dancing around the subject of minority gang violence and take action rather than spouting off on keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Disarm the citizens and you create the necessity for a perpetual police state, the goal of Obama and his fellow travelers.

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