America in decline?
Gun Control: Government Dishonesty and the Disarming of Law-Abiding Citizens


With the indictment, conviction and sentencing of Jesse Jackson, Jr., we are once again reminded that there is no reason, other than political correctness, that the Congressional Black Caucus should exist within an American institution.

  1. Many members are openly racist – existing only to promote the aspirations of blacks over others in American society, certainly not favoring the U.S. Constitution and equality under the law.
  2. Many members are supportive of an anti-America, anti-White, pro-socialist viewpoint – serving as representatives of a fifth column serving international socialism.
  3. Many members are disproportionately corrupt. According to statistics, “In 2009, all eight lawmakers under ethics investigation were African-American.”
  4. Many members include some of the most ignorant, unprepared and moronic people in Congress, and were it not for their special interest supporters and gerrymandered districts, would not be in Congress at all. I use as a measuring stick, the arguably most ignorant member of Congress, my California Senator Barbara Boxer. Consider Congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia who worried that too many Navy personnel based on Guam might cause it to tip over. In a Congressional hearing with Admiral Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, Johnson opined “that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”
  5. Had there been a Congressional “White Caucus” the charges of racism would be flying and the press would be in a state of high dudgeon.

A prime example of my disdain for the Congressional Black Caucus can be found in Representative Maxine Waters – who somehow managed to slip the bounds of the ethics committee when she, as a member of Barney Frank’s House Finance Services Committee, put forth efforts to obtain special consideration for a financial institution associated with her husband. Coincidently, it was Barney Frank who helped bring down the Government Sponsored Entities which were the proximate cause of the financial institution’s troubles.

Bottom line …

Perhaps, what irks me the most is the CBC member’s sense of entitlement – as if they should be elevated to the Parthenon and allowed to indulge in their petty corruptions as if somehow we should excuse that behavior because white politicians have been getting away with the same corruption for years. And, while that may have been true – or is still true, I prefer that honest people represent “We the People.” As my Mother taught: two wrongs do not make a right and you don’t excuse bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior.

Ask yourself, how do these people suddenly get wealthy without working in the private sector? How do they account for the fact that members of Congress have exempted themselves from the very laws which would send ordinary people to jail for trading on insider information? Our America is in rapid decline – and it appears that it is driven by corrupt politicians and their special interests.

Don’t get me wrong, I think all of the special interest caucuses should be disbanded. Members of Congress no longer work for ALL constituents, only those constituents who can provide campaign funding, special perks and privileges and the causes that turn out voters.

Time to throw the bums and their organizations out.

-- steve

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