Barney Frank & Company: Lying about "too big to fail"
Why the Republican Brand no longer works


It is not too often that a YouTube video shocks me as this one has …

If you think that it cannot happen here, just consider the number of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists that care nothing about their country and everything about their own self-interests. The clear and present danger to our country is not corrupt politicians, but the public apathy that allows them to be elected or remain in high office.

Here in California, everyone allegedly knew that Governor Brown was a socialists – more interested in promoting the perpetual power of the democrat party than resolving California’s fiscal and social woes. Unlike his father, the former governor who built-out our infrastructure; highways, freeways, educational system, water delivery systems, the current son is fast laying waste to all of what his father has created. According to some reports, Brown himself is being managed by his radical wife and is only good for making speeches. Corruption was bipartisan – remember Schwarzenegger, the man who unabashedly commuted the sentence of a stone-cold wannabe killer because of his political friendship with his father – or even worse, disadvantaged California business with programs involving global warming and healthcare.

“We the People” are to blame for what is occurring in our nation. People poke fun at patriotism and those who are sounding the alarm. So unless you decide to wake up before it is too late, both California and America are lost.

Watch the video – see if it shocks you!

-- steve

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