Alinsky's Rules for Radicals: #5 Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

Why the Republican Brand no longer works

I am getting more and more angry over what President Barack Hussein Obama is doing to our Constitution and our Country. Beyond the routine, at least for politicians, thievery and cronyism, it appears that Obama and his fellow travelers present a clear and present danger in both domestic and foreign affairs. Which made be question why the basic tenets of the Republican Party no longer resonate with a majority of Americans in a country that is alleged to have a center-right core.

Above and beyond the masterful political strategy of portraying the Republicans as the party of the rich – totally apathetic to the desires of women, minorities and the middle class – what is it about the Republicans that prevents them from gaining traction with the populace?

Cognitive Dissonance – big words that are use to describe the uneasy feeling of discomfort caused by holding two or more conflicting beliefs or values at the same time.

How is it possible for the Republicans to claim that they promote freedom, when it appears that they are demanding to regulate both religious and biological affairs?

How is it possible for the Republicans to claim that they represent everyone, when it appears that large segments of the population are routinely excluded from their deliberations as Northeastern “Rockefeller Republicans” elites – themselves more liberal than conservative – control the party? It is not enough to showcase a Colin Powell, a Marco Rubio, or a Bobby Jindal and expect minorities to jump on board.

And how is it possible for the Republicans to claim that they are fiscally responsible, when it appears that Republicans are every bit as fiscally irresponsible and corrupt as the democrats? When the Republicans had the historic opportunity to craft meaningful reform -- holding the House, Senate and Presidency – they acted no differently than the democrats with the appointment of friends, fundraisers, and political hacks to important regulatory agencies.

There is a solution …

The Republicans must ditch the religious component of their platform and concentrate on fiscal sanity and foreign affairs. Every time the conversation devolves to fundamentalism, someone says or does something so stupid as to provide endless talking points for the opposition.

Legitimate Rape?

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) defended former Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO)’s claim that women who are victims of a “legitimate rape” can’t get pregnant. Speaking to the Marrietta Daily Journal, Gingrey, a doctor who is co-chair of the GOP’s Doctor Caucus, stuck by Akin’s distinction between ‘legitimate’ and ‘illegitimate rapes.’” <Source>

Ask yourself, under what condition can rape – by definition a forcible, unwanted sexual assault – be legitimized? 50.6% of the voting population consists of women who regard the care and conditions of their body to be their personal right. So how does a party that promotes freedom, have the moral high-ground to dictate what a woman can do with her own body? 

The Republicans must ditch the practice of rewarding corrupt fundraisers and political hacks with important positions in the government, as well as ceremonial positions which reflect both on the United States and the Republican Party.

The proximate triggers for the mortgage meltdown were the legislative initiatives of Congress, the failure of the Administration’s regulatory agencies and the absolute abandonment of sound lending policies by financial institutions. With the most egregious mortgage lender not being Countrywide Financial, but a company called Ameriquest. Ameriquest defined “predatory lending” and was sanctioned by the government – allowed to pay their “record fine” without admitting or denying the governments allegations. It was headed by the top Republican contributor, Roland Arnall, who was required to sign-off on the then record fine of $325 million to settle predatory lending investigations in 30 states before Arnall was allowed to assume the post as a Bush-appointed United States Ambassador to the Netherlands. While Arnall was a philanthropist giving generously to charitable causes and both political parties.

But was this the message to send to ordinary Americans – especially those screwed by undisclosed subprime mortgage terms, excessive loan origination fees, faked appraisals which allowed loans far in excess of property values, balloon fees and hidden fees?

What about Bush drinking buddy Alphonzo Jackson who was appointed by Bush (43) as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and who resigned rather than face federal investigations into improper behavior and corruption.

The Republicans must learn history. There was no practical way to force a tribal society to convert to a democracy. Even today, the so-called President of Afghanistan is little more than the Mayor of Kabul, a highly-guarded corrupt Mayor who has managed to lose BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars into his own secret pockets. Why are we in Germany? Why are we in Japan? And why do we protect Saudi Arabia, a known vector of terrorism and Whabbist/Jihadist expansionism throughout the world? Who else notices that the dwindling military have been replaced by an expanding mercenary force of “private contractors.” Or that so-called “American” firms headquartered in the Bahamas or Cayman Islands are doing business with our enemies through foreign subsidiaries whose funds, goods and services do not pass through U.S. territory or financial institutions?

How can the Republicans fail to challenge Obamacare – designed to fail because adding millions of new patients without  corresponding increase in physicians, nurses, medical technicians, facilities, and diagnostic devices is destined to lead to rationing, denying or delaying care while the insurance company gatekeepers are incentivized to screw-over Americans to earn their bonus payments?

And there is much, much more.

Bottom line …

Republicans must avoid cognitive dissonance and say what they mean, and mean what they say. If they support freedom, let freedom ring throughout the land. If they support fiscal responsibility, let them reduce the waste, fraud and corruption in the government and its special interest contractors. And if they really believe that they have reasonable answers to urgent national and international issues, let them put forth a platform and ask everybody to join them.

Barack Obama was an accident of history, a confluence of factors that was triggered by America’s dislike for the top Republican, George Bush. A man who would not fight the opposition or explain what he was doing. A man who was just another in a long line of Northeastern elite “Rockefeller” liberals – albeit one who feigned being a Texas Cowboy, one who rode trail bikes and not horses, grew brush for chainsaw photo opportunities rather than crops, and one who emoted a pale imitation of a conservative Ronald Reagan. He was the face of the Republican party – and the reason Obama is in office today.

Unless something changes quickly – and I don’t mean leadership with liberals like Christie, Rubio, Jindal, etc. – we are screwed.

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