Corrupt, Racist Congressman Charlie Rangel Slams South Over Guns
Global Warming: What part of "natural" disaster do they not understand?

Why does the GOP regard John McCain as their de facto leader?

Once again, RINO (Republican In Name Only) John McCain attempts humor that only provides the liberals with additional evidence that the GOP is warped. See for yourself as John McCain suggests waterboarding Secretary of State nominee John Kerry for a cheap laugh. And consider that John McCain has been on the wrong side of every major issue as he embraced the democrat’s philosophy. McCain-Feingold (Campaign Finance), McCain-Kennedy (Immigration) and McCain-Lieberman (Global Warming)

And let us not forget, John McCain was the one who demanded that the government stop looking for Viet Nam era MIAs (Missing in Action) and demanded all of the interrogation reports of former POWs (Prisoner of War) be sealed. Perhaps, to cover up his own collaboration with the enemy and his beneficial treatment later in the war. Yes, he was grievously wounded by torture in the beginning and we should honor his service to country – but what he did as the war wound down is unconscionable.

As for Kerry, the socialist anti-America, anti-military POS should never hold high office, let alone become the Secretary of State.

-- steve

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