What the hell have YOU done lately?

Today I am out and about. Among my fellow citizens here in Westlake Village, California. Where the affluent regard the illegal aliens as an oppressed people, mindless of the fact that they are the very people toting their meals, bussing their tables, watering their lawns and washing their cars.

But what disturbs me most about today’s foray into the hoi polloi is the youth – at least those above skateboarding age. Instead of the embracing the vibrant entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley, some of these people – many unemployed – are speaking like socialists, telling me about endangered species  and asking me to sign their Greenpeace petition. I ask if they are volunteering or getting paid, they assure me that they are getting a few bucks per signature – but their heart is pure. Likewise we have people waffling on-and-on about starving children in foreign lands or the coming environmental disaster that is global warming. Ask one of these alarmists what is driving global warming and they look at you like you are crazy. It’s the people, dude! You ask, “What about the Sun?” and they look at you like you just don’t get it. “What’s the Sun have to do with global warming?” Amazing ignorance – mostly a product of our inadequate schools who give performance ribbons for showing up to a sporting event. 

A little closer inspection of these kids reveals kicks (aka sneakers to the older folk) costing at least $200, designer jeans and the ubiquitous smart phone for ready texting and bored game playing. If they are grungy, it is only a “look” to make them look – well like the oppressed minorities they profess to love. Many are driving upscale cars, living at home, on their parents insurance until 26, courtesy of the government. There is no sense of urgency here. No struggle with day-to-day living. The struggle for them is abstract and ephemeral – until the next opportunity to hold forth on the oppressive rich Republicans. The only thing rich here is the irony of a spoiled youngster with wealthy parents talking about doing good – but never quite accomplishing anything tangible.

How the hell does someone wearing a Che Guevara sweat shirt have the balls to step into a $45,000 BMW and talk about protest? Mostly these kids are democrats – not quite sure why they are democrats – and mostly unaware of both history and current events.

This is the next generation of leadership. Dysfunctional and derivative – confusing motion with action.

Can this be the hope of our nation? The people who will protect, defend and uphold the United States Constitution?

The real hustlers in our little Village are the immigrants – starting their own companies, always on the move, trying to improve their lot in life. Maybe it is true – immigrants are the future of California. At least, they are the only ones seem to be working and earning an independent living.

Not all of the kids are this way. It appears that the good ones can be found working as employees in the supermarkets and some of the fast-food drive thru establishments. Pity that most of them will continue to lead productive well-lived lives while the spawn of the rich have first-class entre into the world of politics and corporations where, as before, their work will be done for them and they can continue to “style” their way through life.

Something tells me that there must be a revolution in education – entrepreneurship must be taught along with the skills to make you functional: reading, writing, arithmetic, critical thinking, how to balance a checkbook as well as read a balance sheet.

But I must be dreaming. Heading home now – to the real world that has been pre-digested, homogenized, spun for political purpose and portrayed as a website or a sitcom.

-- steve

-- steve

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