Thinking about gun control and politicians at 2:20 a.m.

When I think of Dianne Feinstein, I can't help but wonder why she believes that she, among all others, is uniquely qualified to dictate how law-abiding, innocent people living in a hostile world should be placed in jeopardy by being denied the very weapons needed to preserve and protect their lives.

I truly believe that as long as a politician can blame everything on someone else or a false bogeyman, they are pleased with themselves -- for they have deflected, once again, inquisitive attention that would prove them to be corrupt or foolish.

We know these politicians, not by their false and biased words, but by their false and biased actions.

Should one inquire too closely into Diane Feinstein's past, perhaps they will see the type of corruption that would send an ordinary person to prison for trading on inside information or allowing a close relative to profit from the perks and privileges of her power.

How can anyone, or I suppose I should say intelligent person, knowing that the criminals and crazies cannot always be detected or deterred -- and that law enforcement is about protecting the government and the general order, and thus not legally responsible to prevent or protect individuals from crimes -- decide one day that they have the moral authority to disarm a law-abiding populace in order to enlarge the pool of prey for criminals? 

Should one give up their gun -- a force multiplier that permits the weak, the infirm, and the frightened to defend themselves against a stronger, superior force?

And who can say that you do not need a so-called assault rifle, complete with high-capacity magazine, when faced with multiple potential assailants or a mob running wild after a natural disaster. For a practical example, you need look no farther back in history than the Watts riots -- where armed bands of roaming thugs looted and burned businesses in their neighborhood. With the exception of some Korean-owned businesses; patrolled by their owners with semi-automatic weapons and shotguns as they stood guard over the business they built from scratch. Where were the police? Huddled around their command post, deciding what to do until the California National Guard arrived. Needlessly delayed because their ammunition was stored in Central California. Guardsmen who were issued a limited number of rounds, lest they "go wild" and shoot a large number of constituents.

Should one be forced to grovel on the cold, hard floor of a movie theatre, begging the deity that a killer will miss the shot that would kill them or their loved ones. Or, alternatively, begging a crazed killer for the mercy which their drug-addled brain cannot even fathom?

Where has our society gone wrong? We were born of violence, fighting both the elements and humans for the right to exist and prosper. We respected nature and the natural course of events that allowed causes to be paired with consequences.

How did this smarmy, pseudo-intellectual group of poseurs -- who produce nothing for society except confusion and chaos for their own benefit -- obtain self-sustaining power over our lives? Was it that they used our own funds -- to purchase the power they now hold? In essence, stealing our labors and parceling back a fraction to obtain our obedience?

How can this possibly end? When will the nightmare that we now call the Obama Administration, aided and abetted by Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others -- come to an end? And will the end be a violent reaction to the type of tyranny imposed by forced wealth redistribution and the confiscation of the weapons meant by our Forefathers to protect us from such tyranny? Or will their be a flash of reason -- enlightenment when the people realize that they have been played for a sucker and forced to worship a false god? Voting the corrupt out of office and possibly incarcerating them for their corrupt actions.

Who among us will stand up and call "bullshit" when some politician says it really doesn't matter that they lied to the American people? How can some of us actually consider this corrupt liar for higher office.

As I sit here, in the early a.m., I am struck by how far our nation has deteriorated -- wondering how Harlan Ellison would have ended the story.

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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

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