Who will monitor and mitigate Obama's "Irresponsible" behavior?


Last night’s conversation with my best friend Al can only be described as disheartening. Al is a pessimist, or in his viewpoint a realist, who believes that we are doomed because – and I quote – “we are doomed because the people don’t give a shit.” In fact, his only surprise is that this transformation is happening so fast. Even when I remind him of the sanctity of the United States Constitution, Al simply replies that “nobody cares” and that I am living in a world of the past.

But, he did have a useful observation. The democrats have their act together and the GOP doesn’t plan ahead. While, observing the current dysfunction in the GOP, I say that I must agree.

First, there is no clear head of the GOP. While we see RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) acting as spokesmen for the GOP, both Senators are ultra-liberal and have put forth joint legislation which advances the democrat socialist agenda. One might ask why former President George Bush is not the de facto head of the  republican Party – or at least a guiding hand; as former President Clinton appears to be for the democrats; notwithstanding President Obama’s cadre of Chicago fellow travelers.

Second, there is no clear GOP platform that is acceptable to a majority audience or one that would encourage disaffected democrats, independents, conservatives and libertarians to support the party’s agenda. The GOP refuses to limit their agenda to fiscal and social reforms, thus adding a self-defeating agenda relating to human rights. Pushing the concept of freedom, while interfering with women’s health issues – thus alienating a large segment of the voting population with positions on abortion, contraception and other health issues that should be between a patient and their doctor. The GOP also alienates a large segment of the population by pursuing unwinnable wars – be it the war we should have never fought in Afghanistan or the phony war on drugs. Both involving massive government spending which advantages special interests who have no incentive to improve present conditions. The GOP is afraid to tackle the big issues – explaining how much of the financial chaos in cities and states are the result of corrupt unions corrupting politicians. Then there is the phony stand on so-called “family values” which permits democrats to virtually destroy republicans for the slightest improprieties.

Third, the GOP fails to plan ahead. It appears that all republican activities are ad hoc and without forethought. Unlike the democrats, effective campaign teams are disbanded after an election and are rarely reconstituted again. The GOP does not understand that the democrats have changed the landscape to one of a “perpetual campaign.”

Fourth, the GOP does not control their message, nor their messenger – allowing long-time democrats to run as republicans because it is a convenient way of bypassing a punishing democrat primary. Liberals like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg were RINOS – fiscally and socially liberal. Chris Christie may be a fiscal conservative, but he remains a social liberal and part-time friend of public employee unions and collective bargaining.

Fifth, the Northeastern Liberals who control the GOP are afraid to get down and dirty – using the same tactics as the democrats. How many people remember George Bush, the Yalie who pretended to be a Regan-style cowboy who simply refused to engage his opponents. As if he, the President of the United States, was above the fray – even though he was the de facto head of the Republican Party. 

Bottom line …

Maybe my friend Al is right – and that we should try to get everything we can before we die. Forget the Constitution. Forget the future. All is lost. But, somehow, I refuse to buy into that scenario. Believing that, at some point in time, the American people will realize that they have been played for fools by both sides of the political spectrum and simply throw a majority of incumbents out of office. Or, perhaps, revolt in unpredictable ways.

Unless America regains its strength and reinforces the American-way on its citizens, perhaps America as we do know it will be radically transformed by Obama and his fellow travelers. Killing the golden goose which gave so much to humanity at large.

-- steve

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