Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand a FLOP -- Perhaps they shouldn't have opened in California after the Governator ruined the state?

Projected attendance at Obama 2013 Inaugural Ball WEAK -- so throw the liberals some red meat -- Lady Gaga

What do you do if the Hollywood stars who supported you no longer want to be associated with the political regime of higher taxes and fewer freedoms … pay or persuade a mega-star to appear in the hopes that this will convince the celebrity worshipers to turn out – if not for you, for the star and a free performance.

But you must keep the event small and exclusive so the weak-minded Hollywood elite think that their attendance is exclusive and reinforces the fact that they are “powers to be reckoned with!”

Unfortunately, for those that have noticed that the emperor has no clothes and is appearing naked in public … this is a collection of court jesters and clowns to entertain the "royals.” 

Which brings me to my favorite riddle:

When is a STAR not a STAR?

Answer: When there is a bigger STAR in the room!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Watch out Beyoncé and Katy Perry. There's another diva set to perform during the inauguration festivities - Lady Gaga.

A person familiar with the inauguration tells The Associated Press that the pop star will perform at Tuesday's ball for White House staffers. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because that person wasn't authorized to publicly reveal the information. The staff ball is typically a private affair. During the last inauguration festivities, Jay-Z reportedly performed for that event.

Source: News from The Associated Press

-- steve

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