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It is about time that “We the People” stop the corrupt politicians from purchasing their political power with OUR tax money. No more providing special interest perks and privileges in return for campaign contributions and voter support.

There is little or no doubt that public employee unions and unions which service local, state and government infrastructure repair or replacement are the proximate cause of the real and coming bankruptcies of our cities and states. I challenge anyone to provide credible evidence that unions are a cost-effective labor solution to today’s government problems. How can any rational society justify a workforce that rewards seniority over merit, the status quo over innovation, ever rising costs with no corresponding increase in productivity, work rules which demand multiple workers for a task that can be handled by a single individual, and interference in a disciplinary system which makes it difficult to fire non-performing or malfeasant workers.

If you haven’t noticed, local and state politicians have voted to spend money on social issues and special interest projects that keep them in power. They no longer represent “We the People,” they represent themselves and their cronies. All while our infrastructure is crumbling. Here in California, our water distribution system and electrical grid are outmoded. With the politicians allowing utilities to raise price to dampen demand so that natural peak usage is too costly to achieve. Many private utilities use these inflated rates to boost share price and stockholder returns – not to mention executive bonuses – instead of building-out additional capacity.

In some cases, special political deals leave a tremendous amount of “dark” fiber – fiber optic channels that can bring broadband internet at speeds approaching those found in Japan – as a means for communications carriers to charge increasing fees for slower connection speeds. And, what about those municipal franchises that protect the cable companies from competition?

It is time to remind the politicians and the bureaucrats that they work for us and that the fiscally sound cost and productivity rules that apply to the private sector need to be implemented in the public sector. No more featherbedding to increase the size of government – and a bloc of committed voters who need more and more taxpayer money to keep their unproductive jobs.

It is time to remove public employee unions from the equation. No more organized crime allowed to plunder our pockets. Yes, organized crime – where the union extorts or blackmails a candidate into favoring union demands over fairly representing “We the People.”

Think that is not the case? Listen to this union representative threaten politicians …

And for those of you who do not remember the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), it was the sister organization of the corrupt ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), both founded by radical socialist/communists – and whose head, Andy Stern, was a frequent visitor to the Obama White House.

Bottom line …

It is time to return fiscal prudence and sound operating principles to government. Throwing out those who would subvert the political process and further enable the corrupt politicians. And as a great first step, eliminate all public employee unions and demand that government contracts contain a “lowest wage” provision as the definition of the lowest wage.

-- steve

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