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Everybody is talking about Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong. But nobody is asking the most important question.

Why did a United States Postal Service that claims poverty and a dire fiscal outlook spend an estimated $32 million dollars to sponsor a bicycle team?

It had little or nothing to do with raising the awareness of the United States Postal Service as anyone who has seen a stamped piece of mail, a corner mailbox, a mail carrier or a postal truck is aware that it exists and can be used to send mail and packages. Of course, they are also aware of the convenience of communicating and sending documents via e-mail and packages by the measurably more reliable private couriers such as FedEx and UPS.

So why would they waste this sum of money when it could have been better spent elsewhere?

I think that the answer lies in the unmentionable – a number of postal officials and their friends used this occasion to engage in a paid French holiday and a chance to live on someone else’s dime. Just like corporate executives who indulge in their own self-promotion and pleasure by sponsoring sports teams and race cars. Treated as royalty by the sport who requires their sponsorship. And why not, since this amount of money would not even make a dent in the amount of money owed by the Postal Service to the postal unions. 

How else can it be explained?

As for Oprah, it appears that she is just another liberal democrat willing to offer a national opportunity for an on-air “confession” – followed by the requisite publicity tour for redemption and rehabilitation. And this is not done out of the kindness of her heart. A ruthlessly cold billionaire businesswoman, Oprah needs to attract eyeballs to her failing television franchise on a cable channel whose number is somewhere in the unwatched stratosphere. An what better than to attract eyeballs than a high-profile “confession.”

Oprah is about selling herself and her brand of confession to sell books, beauty products and other relatively useless things to a public awash in superficiality, celebrity and cosmetics. Even the tax-deductible stunts of creating a participant frenzy with lavish gifts is a well-calculated ploy.

Bottom line …

Lance Armstrong remains a wealthy scumbag. Oprah remains just another billionaire liberal democrat with an unwatchable television network. The Postal Service remains as another taxpayer bailout waiting to happen. And the American public is screwed as they are forced to pay for the entire tab.

-- steve

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