Is the Obama Administration giving the Chinese Communists Access to critical technology?
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Important Question: Do Communists and Socialists automatically get a security clearance if they win an elected office?

Just thinking how President Barack Obama got his security clearance – apparently without a background check involving a thorough records review and interviews of his neighbors – or are public officials exempt from the requirements for military officers and those who have access to nuclear technology.

If such a background check was performed, why wouldn’t Attorney General Eric Holder simply say that Obama passes a rigorous background check and that everything was in order? Why has no sitting member of Congress asked the question directly of the Justice Department?

This not only applies to the President, cabinet members and other high-ranking officials, but Members of Congress who are self-described socialists.

Is it possible that a Manchurian Candidate with the backing of foreign intelligence assets could possibly get access to state secrets through the “political route?”

-- steve

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