Gun control: Liberal Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca won't tell you the truth … but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark tells the truth

Immigration Reform: Corrupt Politicians Pushing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens without SAFEGUARDS!

Before any politician speaks about granting any form of comprehensive immigration reform, they need to deal with the following issues:

1.  A corrupt Department of Justice that illegally and unconstitutionally refuses to uphold the existing laws of the land when it comes to illegal aliens.

2.  A corrupt Department of State that illegally and unconstitutionally refuses to uphold the existing laws of the land when it comes to illegal aliens.

3.  Agencies who refuse to complete a visa tracking system so that BOTH incoming and outgoing visitors are tracked and a mechanism to place those who overstay their visas on a law enforcement watchlist.

4. Agencies who refuse to reform our Social Security numbering system which has been massively and thoroughly corrupted by stolen, forged or bogus identification numbers.

5. Complete a state system to identify illegal alien driver’s licenses which cannot be used for official uses other than driving.

6. Outlaw illegal alien sanctuary activities and cut all funds flow to any state or municipality that maintains policies that are advantageous to illegal aliens.

7. Develop a tamper-proof non-citizen identity card and give all illegal aliens 180 days to register with the Department of State.

8. Place a 180-day moratorium on deportations except for repeat offenders and criminals to allow people to register.

9. Increase penalties for those crossing the border without a pre-approved work-permit or an official registration card.

10.  Deport any unregistered illegal alien after a specified date. (with suitable exceptions)

11.  Cut off all social services (with the exception of emergency medical assistance) for those without an official registration card.

12.  Tax Mexican’s funds transfers to pay for emergency medical care and social services.


And the list goes on …

This should not be done in a 2000+ page bill with loopholes, exceptions and special amendments. Each portion shall be a stand-alone bill with no more than five pages of plain English text. It should repeal every contrary provision of every previous law. No power shall be granted to the Secretary of any Agency to amend, interpret or change the law without Congressional approval. All executive orders shall be approved by Congress within 180 days and submitted to the Supreme Court for a check on basic constitutional compliance.

And the list goes on …   

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