Gun Control: Disingenuous Rahm Emanuel is looking in the wrong place maybe he needs to sanction his brother Ari Emanuel who profits from gun violence and mayhem?

I read with great interest that Rahm Emanuel wants to curb gun makers access to capital …

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is putting more pressure on gun makers to get behind his push for an assault weapons ban and criminal background checks for gun purchasers. This time, he wants to go after their bottom line.

Emanuel is pushing two major financial institutions to stop their financial backing of gun makers, unless those companies support “commonsense reforms, including requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales.” The mayor is urging that banks to stop lines of credit, financing for acquisitions and expansions and financial advising.

In a letter sent Friday to the CEOs of Bank Of America and TD Bank, Emanuel said: “In the past, the gun industry has stood in opposition to these safety measures. They opposed a ban on assault weapons on America’s streets, opposed a ban on military-style clips, opposed a criminal background check on all gun purchases and opposed any effort to crack down on criminal gun traffickers.”

In the letter, Emanuel says TD Bank offers a $60 million line of credit to Smith & Wesson, which produces the AR-15. That is the weapon used by James Holmes in the Aurora, Colo., theater massacre that killed 12 people. Emanuel wrote.  Source: Emanuel To Banks: Stop Supporting Gun Makers « CBS Chicago

But, perhaps Rahm Emanuel should go after his brother Ari Emanuel for representing Hollywood as they put forth ultra-violent movies and video games with embedded gun violence and mayhem…

There is little or no doubt in my mind that Hollywood’s continual desensitization of American youth with their mayhem-filled, ultra-violent movies and video games is a significant factor in the rise of violence. Not to mention the Black artists who glorify the “gangsta” mentality, the degradation of women as bitches and ho’s. The glorification of the drug culture and, most importantly, a culture which rewards infamy as well as fame.

And the most powerful man behind the representation of the  most powerful people in Hollywood is Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari …

William Morris Endeavor (also known as WME) is the largest and oldest global talent agency, with offices in Beverly Hills, New York City, Nashville, London, and Miami. The company was founded as the William Morris Agency in 1898, becoming the first talent agency in the world, at the time representing vaudeville artists.

Now, WME represents artists from all facets of the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television, music, theatre, digital, publishing, lifestyle, and physical production. WME also advises some of the world's most recognized consumer brands to create "entertainment-based marketing solutions". WME is the result of the 2009 merger of the William Morris Agency with the Endeavor Agency, which combined the oldest talent agency in the world with the newest of the "major" agencies, respectively.

Emanuel has been described as a “21st century Hollywood mogul” and “the pre-eminent power player” in Hollywood. Emanuel and WME co-CEO Patrick Whitesell have been characterized as “rewriting the Hollywood script,” and they have both been named to Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year list.
Emanuel’s relationships with his clients coupled with his stature in the industry has led to various homages and parodies over the years, including Bob Odenkirk’s character Stevie Grant on The Larry Sanders Show, and Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven on the HBO television show Entourage.

Bottom line …

Although we are discussing First Amendment rights in the saga of Hollywood, it should be noted that without the Second Amendment to guarantee all rights, there would be NO First Amendment. Perhaps, we should be recalling all movies which show the banned weapons being used to kill human beings – and maybe aliens too! Hit them at their bottom line as per Rahm Emanuel’s jihad against gun manufacturers, and by extension, gun owners and users.

-- steve

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