Sir Richard Attenborough summarizes the Socialist line on population control
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O’Reilly wants to federalize gun control – rendering any one with a banned weapon subject to stiff penalties, ten years in federal prison. The bloviating fool totally misses the point. You don’t punish the law-abiding citizen, you punish the criminal and treat the crazies. If some one uses a weapon in a crime, then you can consider enhanced penalties – although the liberals tend to look at who is holding the weapon and plea bargain down charges for those who they think are victims.

O’Reilly mentions 16 more people killed in Chicago – like that is the fault of law-abiding citizens with a gun. No, Mr. O’Reilly, it was probably gang bangers or drug dealers that perpetrated the crime. And, if you look at the statistics, those crimes probably occurred in the inner cities between members of a minority class.

O’Reilly tells George Stephanopoulos you don’t need thirty bullets in a clip to protect yourself. Wake up – you do if you are facing five well-armed gang members in your home. Or who may be intended to rob you during a Katrina-like natural disaster. Or if you are facing any threat where you do not have the time and accuracy for a single well-placed shot.

So, if O’Reilly were intellectually honest – as the simple, but highly educated Harvard man that he is – perhaps he would be asking why the democrats, those who govern Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, New York, Watts, Compton and other such areas are not taking action against the criminals – the gangs and the druggies. Could it be because the democrats do not want to “offend” their core constituency by holding them responsible for their individual behaviors? Could it be because the democrats made it impossible for a man to live in a house where a recipient receives welfare assistance – thus producing a generation of irresponsible fathers with multiple children from multiple mothers? Could it be that the male role models tote illegal guns and that’s what the children are seeing?

It is not about gun control – it is about political control. It is not about crime control, it is about the collective punishment of the masses. If we are serious about gun control, let us hold the ruling elites to the same standards – no carry permits, no armed guards, no special treatment under the law. If we are forced to face criminals and crazies as unarmed citizens, the very same should apply to our legislators – after all, they are citizens first, legislators second. This does not include protected officials like the President and Vice President.

Bottom line …

Bill continues to bloviate – spinning in the political wind while he pretends to protect the folks. Personally, I think he is pandering to the biggest possible audience in return for the power, prestige and profits that comes with high ratings. How else can you reconcile some of the dirtbags and liberals on his show who are disingenuous and lying through their teeth as they promote their socialist public policy agenda.

-- steve

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