Gun Control: Dishonest Chicago Democrats spinning the story about gun control, not gang violence control!!!

Global Warming: Select a series of "peer-reviewed" scientific papers and then write a summary with an alarming headline -- this is not science, it is manipulation of science for political purposes!

What if the headline read: “Midwest to experience profound political corruption, higher taxes, lower standard of living and accelerated waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds?” All of which are as true as the fact that global climate change will mean changes in the Midwest in coming decades.

  • Fact: All of the adverse events predicted for the future are well within the natural variability of climate. With significant weather events being traced to cyclic events such as the El Niño/La Niña–Southern Oscillation.
  • Fact: All of the adverse events predicted for the future come from models which do not agree with observational data or are severely flawed in their assumptions, programming, and highly-massaged input data.
  • Fact:: All of the cherry-picked scientific papers appear to support a pre-selected “consensus” that favors draconian public policies which have a beneficial effect on large government bureaucracies while disadvantaging ordinary citizens. Science is not performed by consensus. And the science of global climate change is highly speculative with an unproven hypothesis about anthropogenic effects on climate.
  • Fact: All of the time-frames to detect changes in global climate as so large as to prevent accountability for political actions that turn out to be fraudulent.
  • Fact: Man is unable, at the present time, to affect the global weather pattern and is unable to significantly influence the Sun, the Earth’s rotational dynamics, the planet’s plate tectonics or vulcanology, the deep ocean currents or the most significant greenhouse gas, water vapor.
  • Fact: the Earth has been colder, hotter, with more atmospheric carbon dioxide, and less carbon dioxide prior to the industrial revolution – proving that significant climate change is natural, cyclical and operates regardless of man’s puny contribution. Many studies do not show the benefits of a warmer climate and additional atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  • Fact: significant weather events, measured by property damage or loss of life can be attributed to man’s poor zoning codes (building in known climate-unfriendly areas), poor building codes (non-disaster resistant housing), and increasing population density and the rising cost of replacement building materials.
  • Fact: carbon dioxide is not the culprit as it does not cause global warming and the phenomena can be explained by simple physics. Remember: carbon dioxide increases lag temperature increases by 600-1000 years.
  • And, does anyone acknowledge that a warming Earth is a natural thing as we emerge from the Little Ice Age?

Conclusion: most of these reports are “mental manure” designed to panic an uneducated population into accepting socialist political propaganda based on nothing more than the whim of corrupt politicians who are purchasing their science as institutions, scientists and projects are funded by a dishonest politicians seeking control over our nation, its energy use, its economy and its people.

Mental Manure …

Climate Change to Profoundly Affect the Midwest in Coming Decades

In the coming decades, climate change will lead to more frequent and more intense Midwest heat waves while degrading air and water quality and threatening public health. Intense rainstorms and floods will become more common, and existing risks to the Great Lakes will be exacerbated.

Those are some of the conclusions contained in the Midwest chapter of a draft report released last week by the federal government that assesses the key impacts of climate change on every region in the country and analyzes its likely effects on human health, water, energy, transportation, agriculture, forests, ecosystems and biodiversity.

The draft National Climate Assessment report is available at A summary of associated technical input papers is available at Public comment on the draft report will be accepted through April 12. Read more at: Climate Change to Profoundly Affect the Midwest in Coming Decades

 Bottom line …

Ask yourself, how many of the participating scientists are actually administrators with scientific credentials?

Ask yourself, how many of the participating scientists are actually outspoken climate activists?

Ask yourself, how many of the participating scientists have an association with a known advocacy group that has socialist connections and funding?

Ask yourself, how many of the participating scientists are associated with the United Nation’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) which has been the source of misleading and erroneous data?

Ask yourself, how many of the participating scientists have been implicated in the climate-gate e-mail scandal showing gross manipulation of modeling data, cherry-picked timeframes, and subversion of the peer-review process to prevent counter-arguments from appearing in print.

But most of all, ask yourself how any of this information can be validated and verified by science so you do not have to take the word of corrupt politicians for results which will not be apparent for hundreds of years?

Mental manure and bullpucky!

-- steve

Read through some of these “input” papers …

Consider for yourself the tone of the papers submitted, the localized data being mapped to a larger geographical area, – and the disclaimers, error projections and waffle words like “appears,” “suggests,” “possible,” etc. This is the type of billion-dollar research that is prevalent in climate science … much of it abstracted and used to produce a false socialist political scenario: government must be enlarged and have more control in order to manage the scarcity of natural resources for the upcoming generations. It is just another form of population control that is the basis for socialism and communism.

Technical inputs for the 2013 National Climate Assessment were due March 1, 2012. Please note that these reports were submitted independently to the National Climate Assessment for consideration and have not been reviewed by the National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee. Links to agency-sponsored reports will be posted here as they are made available.


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