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Global Warming: How corrupt are the scientists who need to keep the political secret of a hoax?

On January 4, 2013, I wrote a blog post which contained the following paragraph …

Due to the methodology used by the Administrative agencies reporting on economic affairs, I am highly suspicious of the preliminary release of data in order to capture the attention of the media. Because it is almost always followed by corrected data which is released with little or no media attention or fanfare. Thus, government agencies can manipulate important economic data for political purposes and be totally legal and in the clear as the correct it weeks or months later. This appears to be the same type of logic that lets legislators “correct” official records when their wrongdoing has been discovered.

Global Warming …

The global warming hoax continues to affect public policy in terms of tighter government control over natural resources, energy exploration, recovery, transmission and uses. We see consumer prices rising, taxes on utilities rising and energy usage dropping. All the while peer-reviewed research, such as the paper in Earth System Dynamics which suggests that anthropogenic (man-made) climate forcings is not statistically significant. The greatest greenhouse gas that affects our climate is water vapor. But the real value of this study is to point out that the science is far from settled, and a politically-influenced consensus is neither scientific fact nor the foundation upon which to base public policies that enlarge our government, raise our taxes, subsidize the special interests – and above all, reduce our personal freedoms. <Source>

On August 8, 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported … 

July Marked Hottest Month on U.S. Record -

The heat last month couldn't be beat. July was the hottest month in the contiguous U.S. since records began in 1895, according to new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released Wednesday. The hot weather in July also helped lift the average temperature for the first seven months of 2012 to a record. In July, the average temperature in the lower 48 states, calculated using the average for each day, was 77.6 degrees—3.3 degrees warmer than the 20th-century average, NOAA said. The previous warmest July was in 1936, at the height of the Dust Bowl, when the average temperature was 77.4 degrees, NOAA said. Source: July Marked Hottest Month on U.S. Record -

And now it appears that the data may have been cooked …

On January 6, 2013 climate researcher Anthony Watts asked …

Does NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) keep two separate sets of climate books for the USA?

Glaring inconsistencies found between State of the Climate (SOTC) reports sent to the press and public and the “official” climate database record for the United States. Using NCDC’s own data, July 2012 can no longer be claimed to be the “hottest month on record.”

At issue is the difference between temperature data claims in the NCDC State of the Climate reports issued monthly and at year-end and the official NCDC climate database made available to the public. <Source: For those wanting to see the raw data, discrepancies and plots.>

Bottom line …

Is the government “cooking the books” to convince the public that global warming is real and is a clear and present danger to the planet? Or is there another, more simple explanation of the discrepancies between what the public was told and what is actually in the official database?

Once again, this proves that there are enough questions about the phenomenon of global climate change to make a lie out of the claim that there is global consensus among the world’s scientists and that this certainty can be used to produce public policies resulting in more government control, higher taxes, higher costs, a lower standard of living – and most importantly, a loss of our personal freedoms.

It is a sad day when your government openly lies to “We the People.” Remember they still have yet to tell the truth about Benghazi where 4 Americans died and the Fast and Furious gun walking affair where at least two Americans and countless Mexican nationals died.

-- steve

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