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EMERGENCY NOTICE: Obama to rip-off taxpayers -- turns "Obama for America" campaign into a non-profit, tax-exempt, secret organization to hide donors?

President Obama and his fellow travelers appear to represent a clear and present danger to our nation. Not only by pursuing policies which seem to provide aid and comfort to our enemies, taxpayer money to the special interests, skirting the legislation-making duty and oversight of Congress,  and cloaking their actions in a veil of secrecy – now they are forming a secret organization to aid and abet the continuing corruption in politics.

The perpetual campaign continues -- now behind a veil of secrecy …

One of Obama’s biggest lies has been that his Administration is open, transparent and accountable. Now we are seeing that Obama is planning to his campaign “Obama for America” into a 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization. Of course, Obama is claiming that this organization will “voluntarily” disclose its donors – although it is under no legal obligation to do so. Considering the Obama campaign’s refusal to vet online contributions for ineligible foreign money – although it required such verification to buy an Obama tee-shirt or a mug -- one wonders if ALL of the contributions will be disclosed because the organization is accountable only to the Internal Revenue Service and they do not share their findings with the public. Even the Super-PACs that hypocrite Obama demonized are more transparent than this scheme.

This is another “historical” precedent as no other presidential campaign has sought perpetual life beyond a campaign – and certainly not as a “non-profit.” Of course, it will stay out of elections – but that does not stop the organization from collecting millions of dollars from lobbyists and others to conduct issue advocacy campaigns.

Nothing new here …

The Los Angeles Times is reporting:  “Jim Messina, who managed Obama’s 2012 campaign, will be chairman of the board, and longtime Obama advisor David Axelrod will serve as a consultant. David Plouffe, Obama’s top political advisor, will also have a role when he leaves the White House, a move expected to happen soon.”

Bottom line …

The corruption in democrat politics continues. The democrats are no engaged in the 2014 congressional election to take over the House of Representatives and increase their Senate majority to provide Obama with clear sailing for his radical agenda in 2015. CONSIDER THAT A SITTING PRESIDENT – ABLE TO AWARD PERKS AND PRIVILEGES TO SPECIAL INTERESTS – WILL BE ASSOCIATED WITH A NON-PROFIT THAT CAN TAKE UNLIMITED SECRET CONTRIBUTIONS FROM LOBBYISTS, SPECIAL INTERESTS – AND AS WE HAVE SEEN WITH BILL CLINTON’S FOUNDATION, FOREIGN MONEY!!!

This is the President who claimed that he would not deal with lobbyists and special interests. His Administration is full of lobbyists and media types. He panders to the special interests each and every day.

It is now time to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding the democrats and Obama. Starting with a thorough investigation of his eligibility for office. It is not about Obama’s blackness, it is about Obama’s lack of transparency in both his personal and public affairs.

-- steve

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