Gun Control: Dishonest Chicago Democrats spinning the story about gun control, not gang violence control!!!

Gun Control: Chicago Mayor Rahm "The Ballerina" Emanuel Goes After Banks That Lend To Gun Makers -- NOT GANGS!

Rahm “the ballerina” Emanuel is afraid of gangs -- can’t prosecute the minorities which make up the democrat base …

Dancing aroung the issue of gangs.

A 15-year-old girl who performed at the president's inauguration is gunned down by gangs less than a mile from Barack Obama's home. What does Chicago's mayor do? He blames banks who lend gun makers money. Hadiya Pendleton, who just days before had performed with her high school band at President Obama's inauguration, was gunned down Tuesday afternoon in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood, just blocks from the high school she attended.

The park where she was killed is a little less than a mile from President Obama's Kenwood home. In addition to Hadiya, two men were killed and eight other people wounded Tuesday night in Chicago, arguably the most violent city in the country despite having the most restrictive gun laws. Chicago by Sunday had reached 41 homicides, surpassing the January 2012 homicide toll.

With seven homicides, Saturday was the deadliest day of the young year as the Windy City exceeds the deadly toll at Newtown, Conn., without much media fanfare. The carnage included a 34-year-old man whose mother had already lost her three other children to shootings.

Confronted with a rising body count that exceeded 500 in 2012, Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, not letting this crisis go to waste, has sent letters to two major financial institutions, TD Bank and Bank of America, which offer lines of credit to gun makers.

He suggested that they stop lending money to the manufacturers and come out for new gun restrictions. Source: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Goes After Banks That Lend To Gun Makers -

Bottom line …

The source of the gun-related deaths is not the weapon, but the minority gangs that wield the weapons. Plain cause and effect. Now if Rahm, the hyper-partisan POS would only go after the gangs – the murder rate would drop drastically.

-- steve

P.S. Rahm really is an accomplished ballet dancer. A graduate of the Evanston School of Ballet and was good enough to be offered a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet. (He turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence -- originally a liberal arts girls school) I wonder if he ever tried to break into Titsworth, the all girl dorm?

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