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BULLPUCKY: Boehner Commits to 10-Year Balanced Budget

It is high time that “We the People” tell our politicians to quit playing games with our lives. The fact that the House Majority Leader committed to a 10-year balanced budget is a media stunt. The likelihood is that the political leadership will change in this period, maybe significantly, bringing along new people with their own agenda – and a new set of special interest friends with their hands out for perks and privileges.

So how does Boehner say that the GOP’s upcoming budget will balance the federal books in a decade when all of the government’s projections have been wildly off-the-mark and cannot be trusted? Where every piece of legislation is dishonestly scored by an honest accounting group – an accounting group that is constrained by the assumptions provided by lawmakers?

Boehner Commits to 10-Year Balanced Budget

Speaker John Boehner told House Republicans this afternoon that the GOP’s upcoming budget will balance the federal books in a decade.

Due to the Democrats’ control of the White House and Senate, the possibility of that promise becoming law is remote. But the speaker’s vocal support for the idea reportedly drew cheers within the House Republican conference.

<Source: Boehner Commits to 10-Year Balanced Budget - By Robert Costa - The Corner - National Review Online>

Bottom line …

It appears that the Republican are as grossly dishonest as the Democrats when it comes to budgetary excesses. Yes, there are differences in priorities, social policies and the group of cronies with their hands out, but that’s all; as both parties continue to plunder the national treasury.

-- steve

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