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Here is demographic proof that it is possible to change the culture, politics and financial basis of a large state by not enforcing immigration laws that have always been on the books. To see California’s sovereignty eroded by the democrat party should be a treasonable act.

California's Hispanic population to outnumber whites by end of 2013

“As the state’s growth patterns change, the age and race distribution of California’s population continue to transform.

It is projected that in July 2013, the non‑Hispanic White and the Hispanic population will each represent 39 percent of California’s population.

Later in the fiscal year, for the first time since California became a state, the Hispanic population will become the largest group in California.

This shift is due primarily to variations in demographic patterns, including fertility, age structure, and migration. In July 2013, of the non‑Hispanic White population, 43 percent will be at least 50 years of age, while 19 percent of Hispanics will be 50 or older.

(Governor’s Budget Summary – Page 123/248)



California’s Demographic and Economic Futures Are Linked

The United States is beginning to undergo some of the most dramatic demographic changes since the nation was founded. Increasing life expectancies and declining birth rates are changing the age structure of the population. Growth patterns and aging will vary by race and ethnicity. Immigration and the somewhat higher birth rates of immigrants will prevent a declining population, but will not stop the effect of the aging of the baby‑boomers.

As baby‑boomers entered schools and then the workforce, society adapted to their requirements and boomers helped frame the current workforce and culture. Further adaptations will be necessary to accommodate an increasingly large number of retirees.

The demographic shifts California is experiencing are significant and part of the demographic evolution of the United States. As the primary gateway to the United States, California enjoys a younger population than most states. In 2010, only five states had a lower percentage of the population who were at least 65 years old. Despite this relative youth, California’s first baby‑boomers turned 65 in 2011 and the state is growing older.

The age structure of the workforce has aged along with the baby‑boomers. California is still the agricultural capital of the United States, but agricultural employment is a smaller part of California’s occupational picture than 50 years ago. Manufacturing is a vital part of California, but many manufacturing jobs require far more training because of technological innovations. The economy and demography in California are linked and sustaining economic progress will require that all components of the workforce be prepared for the jobs that will drive California’s economic future.

Bottom line …

At some point in time, people are going to realize that the takeover of California by the Hispanic-Mexico interests was enabled and facilitated by the democrat party – a party that mistakenly believed that they were simply trying to grow their political power base and never once realizing that the greatest number of illegal aliens and many legal immigrants still have loyalty to Mexico and that they refuse to assimilate into the culture and social practices of Americans. Bringing with them their own language, food, customs – and worst of all, a tolerance for socialism, gangs, poverty, crime and run-down property. Thus establishing the crapistan they left within the United States.

As for Mexico, they continue to export poverty, illiteracy, disease and crime disproportionate to smart, skilled artisans, workers and entrepreneurs – while importing a significant amount of American dollars. Mexico is a land rich in natural resources, an abundant workforce and other natural benefits denied most emerging nations. Unfortunately institutionalized socialism and rule by oligarchs prevails and the nation languishes in squalor.

Although Mexico demands that the United States openly accept their citizens – both legal and illegal – and provide them with jobs, healthcare and social assistance, there are no reciprocal rights for Americans in Mexico. Mexico treats Americans harshly and without due regard to the very rights we convey to their citizens.

I am not suggesting that we can reverse the takeover of California, but we can demand that Mexicans become loyal Americans rather than remaining an invading force.

-- steve

Reference Links …

2013-2014 Governor’s Budget Summary

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