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Why healthcare is the gateway to political power …

There is no doubt in my mind that Marxists and communists have infiltrated education, medicine and environmental programs in order to push their toxic agenda. One need only observe how the issue of gun control is affecting the debate on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution (the right to keep and bear arms as a protection against governmental tyranny and oppression) to see how the issue is being manipulated as a public health matter.

With socialists and communists, it is all about an enlightened “ruling” elite managing unexceptional population units (“We the People”) for the benefit of the collective society – using the rationale that finite planetary resources must be conserved for succeeding generations. Thus, giving rise to central planning, population control, taxation, redistribution of wealth, control over healthcare access and delivery – and an assault on private property.

So now we have another “healthcare” study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania that deals with “vacant land.” However, the fallacy in the study is assuming that the emotional responses of polled individuals, the so-called collective wisdom of the masses, are informed and meaningful. One need only ask a sampling of ordinary people questions about their own country to demonstrate that most people are uniformed, uninterested and lack any ability for collective thinking. The thought that “Resident perspectives provide essential insight on how vacant land affects neighborhood health” appears to be nonsensical. 

Residents Believe Vacant Land Threatens Community, Physical and Mental Health

As public health researchers continue efforts to understand the effects of neighborhood conditions on health, residents themselves can provide valuable insights regarding public health issues and potential solutions. A new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania uses in-depth interviews with local residents to examine perspectives on how vacant land affects community, physical, and mental health. The study highlights the importance of community engagement in promoting urban revitalization.

Truth be told, urban – often used as a racial code word for the inner cities -- decay is a direct result of government mismanagement and the diversion of public funding to politically-connected special interests. With corrupt politicians sponsoring “special interest projects” in return for campaign contributions and voter support. Even when areas have been revitalized, they are often inhabited by individuals who have no “buy-in” or “skin-in-the-game” to keep-up the properties or common-sense rules and restrictions are not enforced for fear of upsetting a voting minority block – be it economic, racial or ethnic. Thus, from day one, the projects become a downward spiral of decay and despair. 

“This study prioritizes input from local residents to help us better understand community concerns. Residents in this study clearly see vacant land as a negative force that undermines health in their own neighborhoods,” said lead author Eugenia C. Garvin, MD, a resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine. “As local communities work to recover from the recent housing crisis, which has caused a significant increase in vacancy rates, the perspectives of residents reinforce the idea that both the economy and health suffer when neighborhoods decline.”

Yes, people are depressed in a depressive neighborhood. But is the causation linked to bad government policy regarding economic opportunities or land use? I would posit that the wasted BILLIONS of dollars could have been better served revitalizing the economy, providing better education and real healthcare – except for the fact that the funds were stolen to purchase the support of public employee unions. Look at the case of a large box store who wanted to build a facility in a depressed community. The politicians withheld their support for zoning variances unless the store was “unionized,” prompting the store to take their project elsewhere. Gone were the jobs, gone was the increase in tax revenue and gone was the opportunity for the community to dig its way out of blight. All due to self-serving politicians who would rather support the special interest unions rather than the people they represent. Corruption on display for all to see.

An analysis of 50 in-depth interviews reveals that residents are concerned about the effect of vacant land on community well being. Participants feel vacant land overshadows the positive aspects of their neighborhood. For example, illegal use of vacant land for dumping, prostitution, or drug sales contributes to a sense of helplessness and a lack of trust among neighbors. Prior research has shown that communities lacking collaboration and respect for one another are more likely to have increased rates of violence. Participants in the latest study echo the concern that vacancy promotes violent crime, making people feel less safe and often forcing them to stay inside. The presence of vacant lots – which are often strewn with garbage, vermin and other hazards such as broken glass – contributed to a sense of stress among Philadelphia residents, making them feel angry, or even depressed.

What bull-pucky. If the local residents were so incensed about garbage-strewn empty lots, they need only petition their local government to clean up the mess and bill the owners. Or, arrange a community effort to walk the property, removing the trash. But the truth is, few people care about taking action – welcoming the opportunity to speak with a researcher with a clipboard, but never taking the time and effort to confront city hall. About drug dealing and prostitution on vacant property, it also occurs in public parks, on public streets – and is a function of lack of law enforcement and access to a willing public. People in urban areas do not, as a general rule, cooperate with law enforcement for fear of their lives or because it runs counter to the prevailing cultural code. If these people were really angry, they would be angry at politicians and bureaucrats whose self-interests supersede those of those they represent.

Though strategies for dealing with vacant land fall under the broad spectrum of urban planning and revitalization, the study suggests that the success of community programs aimed at reducing the negative effect neighborhood conditions have on health will depend heavily on incorporating the priorities and concerns of local residents into their design.

“Participants in the study had their own ideas for how to change vacant land from a negative to a positive influence in their communities,” Garvin explained. “Some suggested transforming vacant lots to playgrounds and turning abandoned homes into subsidized housing. Some even felt they could take on small improvement projects themselves if given the proper resources by the city. Working with community groups and local residents is a huge opportunity for policy makers. The success of public health policies will depend heavily on the city’s commitment to deploying the necessary resources and working with residents who experience the effects firsthand.”

Turning vacant lots into playgrounds does nothing to alter the economy or dynamics of local criminal activity. Playgrounds simply become the new “needle park.” As for subsidized housing – another entitlement granted for political purposes – most housing projects fail to uphold the law or enforce restrictions on the residents. Most projects quickly decay with a lack of upkeep. Instead of placing taggers on chain-gangs for clean-up details, politicians and “enlightened” activists marvel over “urban art.” These are the very same people who encourage and promote “culture” in the form of unusual naming conventions, unusual dress, unusual speech and unusual behavior – and expect a greater society to welcome non-productive deviants into their midst under affirmative action rules. Why not spend the time trying to integrate rather than isolate is not an idle question. Because the democrats who control much of the inner city landscape needs to promote isolationism, racism and separatism to achieve their personal political goals.

Bottom line …

The way to resolve these issues is not to survey local residents of decaying communities, but to take action to remove corrupt politicians and their special interest groups. Remove the public employee unions which suck a substantial amount of money from public works and educational projects. Demand that the residents keep their own property clean and fire those public workers who loaf on the job. Start ignoring race, ethnicity, etc. and enforce the laws which provide for the general welfare.

I submit to you that the problem in our nation is not vacant land, urban blight, decaying cities or even uneducated people – it is the political corruption that promotes such results so that they can be remedied by an even bigger, bloated and corrupt political bureaucracy.

It is time to quit affirmative action – holding everybody to the same high standards. No more passes on drug-related crime by relaxing law enforcement in urban environments. Start pointing out the hypocrisy of religious leaders who give men a pass on their parental responsibilities and women who have babies as a means of financial support from the state.

Call me a racist, I don’t care. I know the difference between right and wrong – and so do the people who choose to step over the line on the basis that they have been mistreated by the system. Because I know that this mistreatment is an excuse for entitlements and slacker behavior. How, do I know, you might ask? Because decades of immigrants – arriving penniless, without language skills, and with nothing more than their ability to perform physical labor have thrived in America. Without government assistance.

As for this study, I believe it is simply a ruse to provide “scientific” evidence that we need to raise taxes and engage in more government projects involving unionized personnel. The central meme of Barack Obama and his fellow travelers.

What would it take to clean up one square mile of urban decay and then hold the residents responsible for maintaining its upkeep? Perhaps that is the experiment that should be performed by each city.

-- steve

Reference Links …

Residents Believe Vacant Land Threatens Community, Physical and Mental Health

Full results of the study can be found in the Journal of Urban Health.

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