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When will the GOP stop supporting RINO (Republican In Name Only) switch hitters like New York John Catsimatidis and Mike Bloomberg?

It appears another liberal billionaire businessman, John Catsimatidis, wants to replace the termed-out liberal billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg. Previously a democrat (during the Clinton Administration), Catsimatidis is said to be planning a run as a Republican. Mirroring Bloomberg who was a democrat prior to running for office on the GOP ticket and then turning independent for his Third term in office.

It is obvious that both men found it easier to run as a Republican against a trivial GOP field than spend millions bucking the old-boy democrat hierarchy where everyone is supposed to wait their turn.

Bottom line …

For all of their business acumen and name recognition, both men are liberals when it comes to social policy and handling the public employee unions which are bankrupting the City of New York. So why should the GOP allow these people access to the “Rockefeller Wing” of  a GOP ticket. The GOP already has a reputation for being losers, with ineffective policies – and now they are simply vehicles for aspiring democrats. Shame on the GOP leadership.

Isn’t there some method whereby the party can prohibit a democrat poseur from running as a Republican? Or is the GOP so corrupt that it will take credit and money from any source – even those diametrically opposed to GOP policies?

-- steve

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