LAZY BUMS IN SENATE: On our dime, waste time, fail to do real work and put forth unconstitutional drivel about sex ads

The 2012 Michel & Associates Holiday Card Is Raising Eyebrows Again This Year!

This is a great card from Chuck and the men and women who defend our Second Amendment rights …

The 2012 Michel & Associates Holiday Card Is Raising Eyebrows Again This Year!

Children on the nice list suing Santa? Elves unionizing? Obama-Claus? Coal pollution? Santa and the reindeer partying in Thailand night clubs on Christmas Eve!?

The firm’s hilarious 2011 Christmas card was the water cooler conversation piece of the holiday season. It still gets rave reviews and compliments from clients. Click here to read 2011.

This year the firm’s 2012 Christmas card is even funnier and more outrageous. Just wait till you read what Santa thinks of entitlement programs! n

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To all our clients, potential clients, and friends: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Litigious New Year from the attorneys and staff at Michel & Associates, P.C.!

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