President threatens Boehner to use speeches to attack Republicans, how about Republicans investigating Obama's eligibility for office?
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Saudi Arabia -- so tolerant and peaceful that they will KILL YOU if you change religions

We need to become energy independent and let these Saudi religious nut-jobs live in the 12th Century …

The editor of a Saudi Arabian website could be sentenced to death after a judge cited him for apostasy and moved his case to a higher court, the monitoring group Human Rights Watch said on Saturday. Apostasy, the act of changing religious affiliation, carries an automatic death sentence in Saudi Arabia, along with crimes including blasphemy. The world's top oil exporter follows the strict Wahhabi school of Islam and applies Islamic law, or sharia. Judges base their decisions on their own interpretation of religious law rather than on a written legal code or on precedent. Source: Saudi website editor could face death for apostasy-rights group | Reuters

If it wasn’t for their oil and the influence they purchase in Washington, they probably would have been charged in the 9/11 terrorist attack and investigated for their alleged “arrangement” to fund worldwide Wahhabism, Mosques and terrorists as long as they do not overthrow the Kingdom.

Bottom line …

When the chattering class tells you about the Peace-loving Muslims and their tolerance and respect for other ideas … tell them to stuff it.

-- steve

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