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Rahm Emanuel: another liberal democrat liar living in a fantasy world

Chicago is the center of political corruption, a failed educational system and a city plagued by drugs, gangs and murders. So what world is Rahm Emanuel living in?

Rahm Emanuel: ‘Chicago Is the Most American of American Cities’

Chicago the most American of American cities," Emanuel said in talk last week to political science students at Northwestern University. "It's not just any city. If you want to come and see America, you come to its heartland. And what is the capital of that heartland? Chicago." Source <Rahm Emanuel: ‘Chicago Is the Most American of American Cities’ | CNS News>

Democrat-ruled Chicago has waster BILLIONS of dollars on special interests while the inner cities are more violent that Iraq. It is a city where most of the government is crooked and operates on patronage. I cannot imagine anyone, except the violent Black and Latino street gangs and the Russian Mafia finding Chicago an interesting city.

And while there are decent people in Chicago, they keep re-electing the same old democrat machine crooks year-after-year. Something akin to the definition of political insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and hoping this time it will be different. At least Rahm comes by it honestly. His brothers include a Hollywood super-agent (the model for the Entourage TV series) and a medical ethicist who believes that we should restrict seniors from accessing expensive healthcare in favor of end-of-life counseling. 

-- steve

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