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The late Louisiana Democrat Senator Russell Long, an acknowledged expert on politics and taxation,  provided  the definitive statement on Obama's tax reform policy ...

"Don't tax you. Don't tax thee.  Tax that fellow behind the tree."

But even this democrat was demonized by the liberal left media. With muck-raking political columnist Jack Anderson claiming that Russell was a "champion of the wealthy" and "and allowed the rich to escape paying their fair share." <Source>

Sound familiar?

The liberals are all about socialism -- the collective over the individual, creating power by creating victims who must elect liberals to redress their grievances or by creating and managing scarcity to control the masses. Class warfare -- the haves versus the have nots is a classic theme -- with the implicit promise of improving the lot of the have nots when the liberals take office.

Of course, this is utter bull pucky as we can see what the democrats has done for the majority of Blacks, even when they are in power. In return for almost overwhelming support of democrats, Blacks still live in democrat-ruled decaying enclaves (aka ghettos) where billions of taxpayer dollars have gone missing.

Are the Blacks that stupid that they overlook the fact that they, under democrat rule, have substandard housing, education, healthcare , a lack of employment opportunities outside of the government itself, and a surplus of drugs, violence and one-parent families? 

Have the Blacks noticed that they have been sold out by their leadership (See Dr. Lenton Aikins' book, While African Americans Slept: Leadership By Parasites”) in return for a little recognition and a little "walking around money?" How can you reconcile that Black Leaders have given Black men a pass on parental responsibility? How can you reconcile that Black Leaders refuse to do little more than talk about drugs and gang activity when they seem predisposed to attack American business in return for "consulting work to raise workplace sensitivity to racial issues?"

Worst of all, how can Blacks reconcile the fact that they have been taken for granted and then pushed under the bus in favor of the new emerging "Hispanic" voting block? It does not take a genius to see the damage imposed on the Black community by illegal immigration. One merely needs to note the demographics of the City of Compton, located in California. Where there was once a Black majority, Latinos now make up the largest ethnic majority. <Source>

And yet the democrats are telling Blacks, Hispanics, Women and the poor that they need the democrats to redress their grievances -- even as the government grows larger, more people are provided entitlements and the nation heads towards bankruptcy.

Even the major supporters of the democrats, the Marxist-dominated unions refuse to support putting stores -- a source of local employment -- in Black areas unless they are unionized.  And, the democrats say nothing. They know that while Blacks are voters, they do not have the financial resources of the unions and it is all about money.

Bottom line ...

According to the democrats, everyone must pay "their fair share" of taxes to fund a non-existent and unattainable uptopia. And, as you can plainly see with the Black community, nothing really changes except the politicians and their special interests. All sucking on the taxpayer teat and purchasing voter support with your dollars.

Once again, tax reform is not what you can expect from fundamentally dishonest political parties. What is needed is a leader -- someone in the mold of Ronald Reagan -- who supports ALL Americans, not just a winning coalition of victims.

-- steve


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