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Marxist Union tactics to gain media attention: Postal workers continue hunger strike against proposed delivery cuts

Let’s see …

The bloated and inefficient United States Postal Service wants to trim unionized personnel, facilities and deliveries to cope with the real-world situation where most people send messages by e-mail and private carriers such as UPS and FedEx. And as much as I like my local carrier as a person, I do not like the management of USPS. I submitted a suggestion that the USPS become the certificate authority to authenticate all financial transaction documents with a guaranteed time and date stamp. Rejected – not enough people would be employed in a highly technical venture. Another revenue generation opportunity missed.

Postal workers continue hunger strike against proposed delivery cuts

Despite most of Congress leaving town for the holidays, postal workers are continuing a hunger strike protesting legislation to save the United States Postal Service (USPS) through budget cuts. The hunger strike began Tuesday and is expected to end late Saturday, according to The Washington Post.

Six former and current postal workers, part of a group called Communities and Postal Workers United, are calling the strike “six days starving to save six-day delivery.” Their goal is to stop Congress from reducing postal delivery to five days a week.

“We have to be on guard, to raise awareness and pressure the decision-makers as they wrangle back-room deals,” group spokesman Jamie Partridge, a retired letter carrier from Portland, said in a statement. Source: Postal workers continue hunger strike against proposed delivery cuts - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Bottom line …

Let them starve. Do the prudent and sound thing and right-size the Post Office to the realities of a technological world. Consider that (with their free digital scale offer) is far better at serving the needs of individuals and small business than a unionized behemoth that think’s it still lives on the taxpayer’s teat.

It’s not about service – or even personnel – it’s about that massive unfunded union pension liability that inflates the cost of everything beyond the realm of being competitive.

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