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Another Internet-connected device with a camera and microphone to be hacked to allow unauthorized surveillance. Knowing that CALEA (Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act) mandates that telecommunications companies provide backdoors in electronic devices to allow law enforcement surveillance, how long will it be before a secret search warrant is issued to tap your television?

Remember the OnStar affair – OnStar swore that the car device could not be used to listen in to conversations in the vehicle cabin – only to be proven to have lied to their customers when a Nevada Court case revealed that law enforcement officials listened in on in-car conversations – without the user’s knowledge and while the phone was not being used.

The details …

Viewers, beware: while you’re watching TV, your TV might be watching you back. A security firm discovered that Samsung’s Smart TV can give hackers access to the device’s built-in camera and microphones, allowing them to watch everything you do.

The Malta-based firm ReVuln posted a video showing its team of researchers hacking into one of the Samsung TVs and accessing its settings, channel lists, widgets, USB drives, and remote control configurations. The security flaw allows hackers to access any and all personal data stored on the TV.

“We can install malicious software to gain complete root access to the TV,” the video writes.

With this access, hackers can use the Smart TVs built-in camera and microphones to see and hear everything in front of it. Instead of just watching TV, viewers could themselves be watched without knowing it.

But this flaw isn’t present in just one specific model. The vulnerability affects all 11 Samsung televisions of the latest generation. The Smart TVs have many of the same features as a computer, but lack the same kind of protection. The devices do not have security features such as firewalls and antivirus software. <Source: Smart TVs can spy on their owners — RT>

Bottom line …

Before you accept that free or reduced-price device in return for “targeted advertising” or purchasing an “always on” electronic device with advanced sensors like cameras, microphones and GPS capabilities, you may wish to think twice about the loss of your constitutional freedoms.

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