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Liberals always have an excuse when their "propaganda" is called out -- Bigelow’s bin Laden movie inaccuracy

Bill Maher defends his scurrilous attacks and radical socialist propaganda as being comedy and commentary. So it should not surprise anyone that the New York Post’s Page Six reports that the Zero Dark Thirty movie, purportedly taken from “firsthand accounts” contains a material inaccuracy that is being excused as “it’s not a documentary, it’s a movie.”

From Page Six … 

Kathryn Bigelow has said her hunt-for-bin-Laden film “Zero Dark Thirty” is “all based on firsthand accounts,” but one scene’s being questioned for its accuracy.

According to Dexter Filkins in the New Yorker, “The film includes wrenching scenes of a terrorist suspect being waterboarded and subjected to other forms of torture by CIA operatives; the suspect eventually surrenders information that helps lead to bin Laden . . . but the waterboarding scene, which is likely to stir up controversy, appears to have strayed from real life.”

The “Talk of the Town” piece adds, “According to several official sources, including Dianne Feinstein, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the identity of bin Laden’s courier, whose trail led the CIA to the hideout in Pakistan, was not discovered through waterboarding.”

But Mark Boal, who also produced and wrote “The Hurt Locker” for Bigelow, defends the scene, saying, “It’s a movie, not a documentary . . . I wanted a boots-on-the-ground experience.”  Source: Bigelow’s bin Laden movie stirs up drama -

Bottom line …

(1)   I am still waiting for a Congressional investigation to determine if the White House provided the producer, writer or director of the movie with access to classified information regarding the bin Laden affair.

The Obama administration arranged for Hollywood filmmakers to have special access to government officials involved in the commando operation that killed Osama bin Laden, it has been revealed.

Conservative legal group Judicial Watch posted what it claimed was 153 pages of Pentagon documents and 113 pages of CIA documents about the film project on its website yesterday.

The paper trail revealed that filmmakers were given access to top White House officials, the identity of a SEAL team member involved in the raid on bin Laden's compound in Pakistan and were taken to the top-secret 'vault' where the attack was planned.

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(2)  I am waiting to see how the little-known story about how the bin Laden kill may have actually occurred sometime before the President’s announcement and if the story was timed to coincide with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case on Obama’s credentials relating to eligibility to become the President of the United States. A story which was buried by the media.

Obama lied to every American and the rest of the world about the date of the alleged Osama Bin Laden killing, according to recently released Department of Defense emails. (Email redactions by DOD) According to a live speech (White House link and alternate link) given to the country late night on May 1, 2011, Obama stated “Today at my direction the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound (where Osama allegedly was) in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a fire fight they killed Osama Bin Laden and took custody of his body.”

The emails in my possession received directly from the Department of Defense as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request for Osama Bin Laden’s killing and burial related documents, reveal that the mission to allegedly “kill Osama” occurred April 28, 2011 or earlier, not May 1, 2011, as Obama claimed.

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(3)  I am waiting to see why Rear Admiral (lower half) Charles Gaouette was relieved from command in the middle of an operational duty cycle (very unusual to have this happen) and returned to the United States.

A man who climbed the Navy's ranks over a long career has been unceremoniously removed as commander of the USS Stennis Carrier Strike Group and sent back to the homeport in Bremerton. A U.S. Navy spokesperson is not giving an explanation for the change, other than to say that questions had arisen about Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette's "leadership judgment."

He will remain in Bremerton, awaiting the outcome of the internal investigation. reports that, "Vice Admiral John Miller, commander Naval Forces Central Command, made the decision to reassign the commander of Carrier Strike Group 3, even though it's deployed to the Middle East."

NBC News interviewed Neal Zerbe, a retired Navy Captain, who says, "The particular commander being relieved, and you know translating that to just moving him back to a continental U.S. base while the investigation continues, is unlike anything I've ever seen before."  The Stennis group deployed from Bremerton in late August and had entered the Navy 5th Fleet's area of operations in the Middle East on October 17. Read more:

According to another report …

Was Rear Admiral (lower half) Charles Gaouette relieved from command because he did not like that the U.S. military and Obama were lying to the American people? Was the admiral being set up by the Obama administration for not wanting to keep the Osama lie quiet?

Also, the Department of Defense, in their Freedom of Information Act response, stated that the USS Carl Vinson (the carrier in which Osama’s body was allegedly dumped) had no documentary evidence of Osama’s burial. However, in the released emails RDML Charles M. Gaouette stated: “The paucity of documentary evidence in our possession is a reflection of the emphasis placed upon operational security during the execution of this phase of the operation.” Read more:

(4)  I am waiting for the official Congressional investigation of Benghazi where it appears that the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Ambassador to the United Nations and the Director of the CIA may have lied to the American public as part of a cover-up of a criminal transaction involving providing arms to terrorists in a covert operation.

It is a sad state of affairs in America when your elected officials lie to the American people with impunity and believe that those in the co-equal Executive Branch believe that they can circumvent the Constitution and Congress without consequences. Already the Senate has violated the Constitutional provisions regarding the production of an annual budget because there is no penalty mandated for such a violation. And the Justices of the Supreme Court appear to be willing to abandon their oath of office to uphold the Constitution by not taking cases that challenge President Obama’s eligibility for office, hold the Senate for violating the Constitution and to rule that many of the Executive Branch’s actions are, in fact, unconstitutional.

This crap about “standing” is a dodge – especially when they claim that to have standing, one must be a party to an event, must show they have been injured by the event and that the Court must have some method of providing relief. Under the Constitution, any citizen should have the right to seek a redress of their grievances – and when the issue involves a major national event, I believe that the Court should hear the case and proceed accordingly.

As an answer to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – the Court should investigate an alleged violation of the Constitution, appoint a Special Master to examine the relevant documents and provide a declaration of validity or invalidity of those documents. Should Obama’s credentials be found to be invalid, the Court could refer the matter to the House of Representatives for an Impeachment Hearing and a subsequent trial by the Senate. If the eligibility documents are found to be invalid, the Office of the President should be vacated and the Vice President assume the Office. As for legislation signed into law or appointments made by the President, they should be reversed on a case-by-case basis.

At some point in time, the truth will come out and those who perpetrated high crimes and misdemeanors against the United States, if they are still living, should be imprisoned.

-- steve

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