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Latest Administration Benghazi Cover-Up Story

Once again, the Administration is attempting to spin the story why they openly displayed craven cowardice in not sending aid to the stricken Americans in the 9/11 Benghazi attack by al Qaeda affiliates that left 4 people, including an American Ambassador dead …

Why Obama Sent No Rescue: Benghazi Lasted ‘8 Hours’ But Was ‘Over in ... 30 Minutes’

The chairman and the vice chairman of the State Department Accountability Review Board (ARB) that investigated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, made dramatically different statements on Wednesday about the duration of those attacks that resulted in the deaths of four Americans.

The relevant duration of the event shrunk from "almost eight hours" to "only about 20 or 30 minutes" when a reporter asked this "accountability" team why the U.S. military had not been sent to Benghazi to help that night.

During his opening statement at a State Department briefing, Ambassador Thomas Pickering, who chaired the ARB, said the terrorist attacks occurred over a span of almost eight hours.

“What happened on September 11th and 12th in Benghazi was a series of attacks in multiple locations by unknown assailants that ebbed and flowed over a period of almost eight hours,” Pickering volunteered.

About 20 minutes later in the same briefing, as Ambassador Pickering nodded his head in agreement, retired Admiral Michael Mullen, the vice chairman of the ARB, put the Benghazi terror event in a very different timeframe. He said it lasted only about 20 or 30 minutes.

Mullen, who formerly served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was responding to a reporter who had asked why the U.S. military never became involved.

“Why such a passing reference to military involvement?” the reporter asked. “Can you explain why they couldn’t have done more?”

“We looked at the force posture very specifically, and while we had a lot of forces in Europe both at sea and on land, it is not reasonable that they could have responded … in any kind of timely way,” said Mullen. “This was over in a matter of about 20 or 30 minutes with respect to the Special Mission specifically. And we had no forces ready or tethered, if you will, focused on that mission so that they could respond, nor would I expect we would have.”

Mullen not only narrowed the length of the terror attack to 20 or 30 minutes, but also defined it as only those events at the “Special Mission” compound, which was the State Department's facility in Benghazi.

However, a CIA timeline of the Sept. 11 events, which was provided by a senior U.S. intelligence official, and which generally comports with the description of events in the ARB’s own report, shows that about one hour and fifty minutes elapsed between the time the State Department’s “Special Mission” compound first came under attack and the moment when a rescue team from the nearby CIA “Annex” was able to extract the surviving U.S. personnel from that mission.

But even that was not nearly the end of the terror attacks on the Americans in Benghazi that night. Read more at: Why Obama Sent No Rescue: Benghazi Lasted ‘8 Hours’ But Was ‘Over in ... 30 Minutes’ | CNS News

Baffle them will bullshit …

It is abundantly clear that the Obama Administration and their fellow travelers are attempting to muddy the waters and delay any real inquiry until the moment the media can declare “old news, nothing to see here, move along.”

Different agencies have provided different timelines – and the people who really know the truth are not speaking. It appears Hillary Clinton refused to lie to the American people – so they sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to do the dirty work.

Rather than sully her reputation – at least until she resigns – Hillary has been ducking official inquiries. The need to visit friends and wine-taste in Australia. The stomach flu. And now, what is being termed the “immaculate concussion” which did not appear to require a visit to the Emergency Room for a CAT scan.

Bottom line …

The liberals are hoping that Benghazi blows away before President Obama and others can be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors for the alleged illegal transfer of weapons of war to our al Qaeda enemies. Participating in a cover-up for political purposes. Or participating in the killing of American and Mexican citizens while gun-walking weapons to Mexican drug cartels for political purposes of creating a public demand for gun control.

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-- steve

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