GUN CONTROL: Another Chicago teen killed by friend playing with gun

Is George Bush (43) resuming a leadership position in the GOP to push the ascendency of Jebbie Bush?

Once again, we hear that George Bush is going to return to a leadership position in the GOP. Just what the GOP needs, another effete, Northeastern liberal elite at the reins. A man who portrayed himself as a Reagan-style cowboy, but was never seen on a horse – cutting brush with a chainsaw on a ranch that seemed to grow nothing but brush. No cattle. No horses. No nothing. A ranch built as a Potemkin village.

Here is a President that was above it all. Acting like a gentlemen dude at a gunfight. A man who refused to engage the opposition on their own terms. A man who was afraid to get down and dirty in a political fight.

You do not embrace failure in order to win – you change the losing players! I don’t want a Gentleman, I want an ass-kicker. A man who can question Obama’s credentials. A man who can question Benghazi and demand the impeachment of the offending officials.

Go away George – enjoy your retirement. We do not need a Clinton or Bush dynasty – or a Kennedy liberal dynasty. We need people to lead, to govern – not to rule.

-- steve

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