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This is a missive written by a director who apparently believes he has a moral responsibility to criticize the film of another producer because it does not fit his “far left” ideology. His claim is as bogus as his outrage – which in itself is based on a lie.

The truth is that enhanced interrogation is not torture. It is extremely uncomfortable, but it is not torture. Real torture, as performed by the Islamo-fascists, involves power drills, hot irons, car batteries, breaking or slicing off body parts, and a host of other devices. That is torture – with the results that the person being interrogated feels not only pain, but is maimed or killed in the process.

It appears the the roots of the investigative trail that led to bin Laden may have involved “enhanced interrogation techniques,” but certainly not what this whiner claims is torture. 

Huffington Post / By Alex Gibney

The Truth About Zero Dark Thirty

Director Alex Gibney on the dangerous myth perpetuated by the film.

December 21, 2012  |  

It's difficult for one filmmaker to criticize another. That's a job best left to critics.

However, in the case of Zero Dark Thirty, about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, an issue that is central to the film -- torture -- is so important that I feel I must say something.

Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow have been irresponsible and inaccurate in the way they have treated this issue in their film. I am not alone in that view. Senators Carl Levin, Dianne Feinstein and John McCain wrote a letter to Michael Lynton, the Chairman of Sony Pictures, accusing the studio of misrepresenting the facts and "perpetuating the myth that torture is effective," and asking for the studio to correct the false impression created by the film.

The film conveys the unmistakable conclusion that torture led to the death of bin Laden. That's wrong and dangerously so, precisely because the film is so well made. Source: The Truth About Zero Dark Thirty | Alternet

Bottom line …

There are those liberals in our society that are so afraid of their shadow that they shy away from even looking at a gun without labeling the weapon evil. These are the people who would rather die begging and groveling before a shooter than taking affirmative action to save their own lives.

So it always annoys me that these liberals are willing to give a pass to our enemies – to allow them to commit egregious acts, without raising a finger. The Neville Chamberlain brand of appeasement.

If they want to see real torture – practiced each and every day under the guise of Sharia Law, let them look no further to Saudi Arabia or any of the fundamentalist Islamic states where interrogation is torture and the penalties for violating the law can be legal blinding, amputation, rape, maiming, stoning and beheading. And not a peep out of these liberals. They watch women who are forced into sexual slavery, beaten routinely, treated like property, denied human rights – and need four male witnesses to claim rape lest she be killed for inciting rape … and they say nothing as they prattle on about moral equivalency, multi-culturalism, political correctness and American unexceptionalism.

Col. Allen West fired his gun next to the head of an enemy combatant to learn the location of roadside IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) to save his men. And then showed guts and honor to turn himself in to his superiors. Think about it. What would you do to someone who could tell you where your child was or to prevent their death?

Here we used an interrogation technique on a limited number of subjects and the liberals want to equate that with torture and war crimes.

Well folks, someone has to stand guard and do the unpleasant things that keeps us safe.

Remember the scene between Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise – that many people parody?

Well guess what – Jack Nicholson’s character was right! Not about the cover-up of the death of an American (think Benghazi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Petraeus, Panetta and others who know the truth) but the need for tough men to take tough action in order to allow these liberals to spout their soul-killing nonsense.

It is time to view the world as it is. Not complain about why it doesn’t match the mythical world of the liberal socialist paradise. Every socialist revered by the liberals – Castro, Che, Chavez, and others – used real torture – the kind that maims and kills – and these liberals fete these despicable tyrants. Sean Penn, Danny Glover and others in Hollywood believe these men are the future. How effin sick is that?

So when some snotty director criticizes a film for painting a false and misleading picture – remember the original premise of “torture” was a lie!

-- steve

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