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It occurred to me that the same political dynamics that drove Obama’s victory can be used against the democrats in the congressional races in 2014 and again in the presidential race in 2016. By concentrating resources in the battleground states where narrow margins select the winner -- and not funding races which cannot possible produce winners (such as those in California and New York), the GOP can turn Obama’s tactics into a victory.

Along with the selection of battleground states is the suppression of value-driven platforms that put no-win issues like abortion, immigration and other sensitive personal topics on the political stage. One does not necessarily have to discuss the issues, but they need to be deflected into other more pressing concerns involving our economy and national defense.

To complete the winning picture, the GOP needs to tightly control those who would be off-message or likely to inflict significant damage to the party in a primary race. Controlling who can run as a branded republican and curtailing crossovers and other anti-GOP politicians will go a long way to insure that the election is not upset by philandering deviates with foot-in-the-mouth disease. By pre-vetting candidates prior to official party endorsement, damage from interlopers and those with dodgy backgrounds can be bypassed.

Of course, the party needs to talk to net experts and built the same type of interactive tracking systems used by Obama – and maybe, this time, take off the filters that insure that the money is coming from verified domestic sources.

-- steve

BTW – dump those ineffective pundits and panderers like Karl Rove and Dick Morris whose public story amounts to little more than a self-serving commercial for their own benefit.

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