I have noticed that more and more people are buying into the socialist dream of dismembering and disarming the United States Constitution by declaring that it should be a “living document” that changes with the times. More specifically, the Second Amendment is outdated because our Founding Fathers did not contemplate the lethality of modern arms.

My best friend Al pointed to a telling exchange between two letter writers in the Whidbey News-Times located in ultra-liberal Washington State that illustrate the issue.

The first letter was from Ronald Cope of Oak Harbor, Washington …

Need to do something about gun control | Letters -- December 21, 2012

As I listen to yet another description of an American school shooting, I am awestruck that the country I love and live in is unable to appreciate the fact that our “gun culture” is making us the industrialized nation most victimized by gun violence in the world.

Equally puzzling is our inability to realize that an amendment to our constitution written in far different times is of little or no relevance to today’s society and needs extensive revision to make it applicable.

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Ronald M. Cope, Oak Harbor <Source: Need to do something about gun control | Letters - Whidbey News-Times>

It appears that Mr. Cope does not understand human nature nor is he able to understand the nature of victimization.

Stronger individuals have always preyed on weaker individuals since the dawn of time. Whether to secure water, food, shelter, a mate or any other resource, there were those who simply – by means of force – took what they wanted with little or no regard for the consequences.

Even now, in a nation of laws, we find the same human behavior but with different means, some legal, some not. That is human nature. That there will always be criminals and crazies who will commit heinous acts for their own twisted reasons is also human nature. The weapon used is almost irrelevant as we have seen multiple murders with knives, fire, explosives, vehicles and anything else which can be turned into a lethal weapon. That, too, is human nature: use the weapon at hand. If one weapon is removed from easy access, use another.

There is little or no deterrence in virtually meaningless “gun control laws,” especially when those who enforce the laws believe criminals and others are “victims of society” and should be granted lenient treatment. Passed by politicians who are unable to pass effective criminal laws because they might have a disproportionate impact on those who represent their power base and vote, year-after-year to return these miscreants to political office.

A telling example: The greatest widespread test of gun control occurs in the democrat-controlled murder capital of the United States, Chicago, Illinois – at least 500 gun-related deaths in 2012 in a municipality with strict gun control laws. Any rational individual will note the futility of banning so-called scary-looking assault rifles or other semi-automatic weapons. The criminals and crazies will turn to revolvers with speed loaders. And after those are banned, home-made zip guns. Anything to access a weapon that allows them to intimidate or harm another individual. Do these liberals not understand cause and effect? You disarm the population and you create a larger group of potential victims. Whoops – that’s the plan – build a reliance on government protective services and cede your freedom to the state. The socialist dream.

Not everybody is taking Cope’s position on the Second Amendment without protest … 

Start reading America’s history | Letters -- December 28, 2012


After reading Ronald Cope’s letter to the editor, my first response was a broadside retaliation, but after cooling off for a while, I realized that was exactly what he wanted.

It a long standing liberal tactic to draw people into an emotional argument when you don’t have facts or reason to back you up.

As far as the Second Amendment, exactly what is irrelevant?

Is it the part where I defend myself?

Or defend my family?

Is it irrelevant to defend you?

The Second Amendment is what keeps the other 26 amendments, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in place, protecting you from having your property confiscated, allows you to say anything you want when you want, keeps you out of prison because some petty bureaucrat doesn’t like something about you.

Maybe you should read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to see the past and current relevance in them.

The United States is under attack from “progressive” liberals who are educated far beyond their intelligence, even further from wisdom, distant from lessons in history and are horribly determined to repeat failures the founding fathers’ extreme efforts tried to prevent from reoccurring.

Mr. Cope is solidly a “progressive” in my opinion, so my advice is, paraphrased, “be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”

If you like, I can drop off a Constitution/Bill of Rights/Declaration for him to get acquainted with, say, at the newspaper office. I’ll even toss in a Washington state Constitution.

Rick Kiser, Oak Harbor

<Source: Start reading America’s history | Letters - Whidbey News-Times>

It appears Rick Kiser understands not only the value of the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment, but also Edmond Burke's dictum, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." With the socialist infiltration of our educational institutions, our history is being replaced by a multi-cultural, politically correct revisionist history that adopts the principle of moral equivalence. Where there are no absolutes, only shades of gray, between good and evil, right and wrong. Where long-standing and time-tested principles and freedoms men and women have died to defend should be cast aside and our founding documents rewritten to serve the immediate needs of corrupt politicians as they pander to a malignant ideology and convey unearned privileges on their special interest friends.

Truth-be-told, these liberal elites have been educated beyond their intelligence – parroting spoon-fed doctrine as if it were the truth. Lazy people who assume people in authority are not corrupt and have the best wishes of the nation uppermost in their minds. They live in a world where political speeches are equated to action. A world where closing your eyes to evil is to live a better life. 

A life best lived by attempting to plead with a criminal or crazy, groveling on the ground for your life, than to take definitive action and kill the bastard who is trying to kill you, your family, your neighbors or your nation. The only thing that has changed over time is not the need for the Second Amendment, but for liberals to understand how our precious freedoms are slowly slipping from our hands and being usurped by the state. To get back the guts it took to tell King George to bugger off and risk everything to protect their God-given rights. To do the very same thing we ask our military to do – honor the pledge to protect America, “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Bottom line …

The only victims in America are those who refuse to defend themselves and allow themselves to become victims. And I am not just talking about victims of crazies and criminals, but victims of corrupt self-serving political sociopaths who are willing to pursue their own twisted ideology at the cost of denying Americans their God-given rights to self-defense and the protection against government tyranny envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

People like Rick Kiser understand what is happening in America today – with the assault on the Constitution -- and are willing to speak out in public against those people who have become misguided, deluded and dysfunctional. People like Ronald Cope, who professes love of country, and yet is so willing to sacrifice the principles on which it is founded for political expediency.

There are but a few things to remember. The difference between good and evil. The difference between right and wrong.The fact that not every person has your best interests at heart and that self-defense is a God-given unalienable right as well as the freedom to do that which does not hurt your neighbor.

-- steve

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