Gun Control: Outrageous tweets from liberals urge murder and violence?

Gun Control: The trouble with liberals and people like Michael Tomasky who label dead children as "spoilage factor for freedom"

From the man who I consider the liberal’s liberal – more left than Alan Colmes or Bob Beckel …

An inability to understand and comprehend human nature and the facts of life.

  • Where there is life, there is death.
  • There will always be an eternal struggle between right and wrong, good and evil. In essence, sh*t will always happen and it is neither predictable nor preventable.
  • You cannot legislate morality.
  • You cannot protect against crazies and criminals by disarming the larger body of innocent, law-abiding citizens.
  • There will always be those who seek to capitalize on tragedies to advance their own political agenda.

So look closer at the brand of political poison Tomasky is pushing …

Mr. President, Time to Lead

by Michael Tomasky

Gun control needs to become a voting issue for millions. Only one person can make that happen.

When can stricter gun-control laws ever pass? We know exactly when: When 60 senators and 218 members of the House of Representatives are willing to vote for them, and not a moment before. The bleak truth is that we are a long, long, long way from that moment, or at least we were until Friday morning. If anything can change the politics of guns, surely this unspeakable event can. But Barack Obama is going to have to resolve to answer the demand that history has placed on him and spend some (maybe a lot) of his political capital on the issue.

President Obama teared up in his press conference about the Newtown shooting, saying that "our hearts are broken today."

For how many people is gun control a voting issue? For all intents and purposes, none. Oh, a few thousand; the people who work directly on the issue, and some parents who’ve lost their children. But that is about it. The scales are badly imbalanced, and until they’re closer to in balance, we won’t be able to get a law that, for example, permits police to come knock on the door of someone who buys 600 rounds of ammo online, as the Aurora, Colorado shooter did, and ask him about his plans and purposes.

So, how can that imbalance be changed? Only through the two traditional ways. The first is grassroots activism that has a lot of money behind it. Any rich people who care about gun violence out there? Now is the moment to write those checks to the Brady Campaign and other groups that work on this issue, to organize large-scale public-relations campaigns to frame the issue and get people angry and motivated.

Interesting, now the rich, instead of being demonized and vilified as a blood sucking vampire unwilling to pay their “fair share” of inflated taxes, are to be the drivers of  grass-roots activism to impose gun control. I suspect he is speaking about billionaire Michael Bloomberg who is guarded 24/7 and lives a sheltered life, immune from the consequences of his political actions. Unlike the rest of us who must walk among criminals given early release from prison and who are regarded as “victims of their own biology or the social system.”

No change has ever happened in this country without a broad base of support out there, and no twitchy senator or member of Congress is going to vote against the NRA unless he thinks he can do so and survive the next election.

The second is that politicians have to lead, and that starts with Obama of course. He was right yesterday not to push a political agenda; yesterday was just a day to express the nation’s grief. But now is the time, starting next week.

 Is Tomasky blind? “He was right yesterday not to push a political agenda?” Yesterday was all about his political agenda, the show of sympathy, the feigned tear, and the silence about gun control which is a major political issue of the far left socialists. Why would he order flags flown at “half-mast” if it wasn’t political? There is no singular honor in being the victim of “workplace violence” – to use  Obama’s term for the terrorist violence at the Ft. Hood massacre. Do we as a nation, lower our flag when school children are randomly killed in a school bus accident. For Obama and his band of fellow travelers, everything is about politics. 

He’s busy with a lot of other things. He needs to get his tax increase. He needs to win the debt-limit fight. He wants immigration reform, and the Latino groups that represent the voters who backed him so heavily won’t let him forget that or drop it.

 Again, Tomasky appears to be blind. The President of the United States does not lead, nor does he appear to do much of anything except give TelePrompTer speeches written by others. In my opinion, he is both lazy and incompetent. And if not for Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and others, he would still be a minor-league back-bencher voting “present” in Illinois. Look at what Tomasky is saying – he needs to win a fight against some opponent, not govern for the benefit of all Americans.

But history has grabbed him by the lapels here. We’ve had 14 mass shootings in this country just since he became president. They’ve all been bad, but this is the one that demands that he stand up--the one that insists that if he does nothing, or does something cautious and half-hearted, he will be judged harshly by future historians for his failure to care about this.

 Let’s put this in perspective. Thousands of Mexicans and a number of Americans have been killed by the guns that were part of the Fast and Furious gun-walking program initiated under the Obama Administration – and he still claims a non-existent executive privilege to thwart Congress and protect his buddy, Attorney General Eric Holder. He is likewise mum on the alleged arming of terrorists – and enemies of the United States – through a government facility that was attacked on 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. How many innocent lives will those guns take? Again – nothing but silence from Obama and his fellow travelers.

He and he alone can help make this a voting issue for millions. He can do it in an almost nonpartisan way, which is in his comfort zone, talking about these children and the dozens of others whom our society right now regards an acceptable spoilage factor for “freedom”; asking why it should be the case that any regular citizen needs automatic weapons with extended magazines and the aforementioned right to buy limitless ammo with no questions asked.

 Tomasky is crazy. “Spoilage factor for ‘freedom’”? I wonder what he thinks of the soldiers who die protecting our freedoms? I wonder if he finds it acceptable to disarm innocent law-abiding citizens and create a much larger victim pool to be preyed upon by criminals, thugs – and yes, the crazies.

Did I say he and he alone? Not quite right. I amend that to: He, along with Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg has the standing, the podium, and most crucially, the money to help make this a voting issue. The furious statement Bloomberg released yesterday is exactly right. The time for this fight is now. And only one person can lead it. <Source: Mr. President, Time to Lead - The Daily Beast>

Bottom line …

Anyone who suggests that your First Amendment or Second Amendment rights be violated for the non-achievable protection of a few children is either naïve, disingenuous or a lying liberal. Similar to those leftist union thugs in the teachers’ unions who claim “it’s for the children” while shoveling money into their own adult pockets.

I think Benjamin Franklin, one of the wisest of our forefathers said it best. “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security, deserve neither.” Grieve the loss of innocent children – but don’t turn it into a cause which will ultimately result in an exponentially larger bloodbath at the hands of tyrannical politicians, thugs, criminals – and yes, crazies.

-- steve

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