Bloomberg Calls Republican 'Stupid' Over Desire For Teacher To Have Gun, Perhaps Bloomberg is the 'Stupid One?'
Union strikes during economic downturns should be unlawful ...


Demand that those who speak of gun control confront the truth …

  1. No existing law would have stopped the Connecticut School Massacre.
  2. Chicago, with the strictest gun controls in America – run by progressive liberal democrats  -- has a staggering murder rate  -- proving criminals and crazies will always get a weapon or find a way to commit mayhem or mass murder.
  3. All those who cite statistics from other countries with strict gun bans fail to state that they have smaller populations, more homogeneous populations or cultural components which reinforce common morality and public behavior.
  4. Nobody will point out that the “culture of caring” is intellectually bankrupt as you cannot legislate morality nor can you detect and deter crazy people who do unspeakable things.
  5. Historically, people will use anything at their disposal to intimidate or overpower others. Mass killings using knives, fires, explosives and vehicles have been recorded.  

Demand that those who speak of gun control tell the truth …

If the progressive liberal politicians want an outright ban on guns as per the international socialist model, let them state that up front, telling the American people why they are willing to violate their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

And, if you feel a sense of outrage …

  • Ask why the progressive democrats in the United States did not stop Hitler from killing Jewish children as well as adults?
  • Ask why the progressive democrats in the United States did not stop Pol Pot from killing Cambodian children as well as adults?
  • Ask why the progressive democrats in the United States did not stop the killing of children and adults in Darfur and other spots in Africa?

The truest thing I heard …

The the truest thing that I heard in the media, and it came not from the progressive left-wing mainstream media, but from a media critic, author and former journalist Bernie Goldberg on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor …

Goldberg to O’Reilly: “They want assault weapons. And do you know why? And this is something that the big names in conservative media don’t have the guts to say out loud. You know why they want assault weapons? Because they don’t want it to protect themselves from common criminals. They want it to protect themselves from the federal government. That’s what it’s about. There’s no question about it.”

This from a man who openly professes to respect the Constitution and the Second Amendment. I wonder if Bernie really understands what the Constitution is, why it was written and what it is designed to do? What he said was in support of limited gun control, a ban on assault weapons. Consider for a moment that the Second Amendment does not mention protection against criminals, hunting or sporting use of arms. It says …

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to insure the freedom of  “We the People” and to prevent the loss of our freedom from threats, foreign and domestic. So yes, Bernie is 100% absolutely correct/ The Second Amendment reaffirms our God-given rights to freedom – and to serve as a constant reminder of our freedoms to politicians and others who might consider abridging our, yours and mine, freedoms.

If you believe that our “enlightened Federal Government” is beyond tyranny, consider the events at Ruby Ridge and Waco. And if you believe that assault rifles are likely to be used in the battle, consider for a moment the events surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, characterized as the worst case of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States. According to Timothy McVeigh, the bombing was in response to the government’s egregious actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Both seemingly raid seemingly executed for media attention by people who allowed the respective incidents to get out of hand. One case involved entrapment and, in the other case, the suspect could have been apprehended quickly and quietly as he strolled city streets eating ice cream. But neither solutions would yield mainstream media attention – and that appears to be the real problem.

How many people know that Ruby Ridge resulted in a settlement where the “federal government awarded Randy Weaver a $100,000 settlement and his three daughters $1 million each in August 1995. In the out-of-court settlement, the government did not admit any wrongdoing in the deaths of Sammy and Vicki Weaver.” 

How many people know that it was the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) – the same people involved in gun-walking to the Mexican drug cartels – that was involved at Waco and Ruby Ridge?  And that the hyper-politicized BATF was allegedly, according to Representative Darryl Issa, attempting to implement greater gun control in the United States.

Bottom line …

With the progressive left it is always about the gun, rarely about the perpetrator. In fact progressives often characterize the perpetrator as the victim -- of biology or society at large. It is time to stay with the facts and shun those who are promoting their socialist anti-American ideology.

While it is likely that we will be invaded, and our political systems provides for the removal of corrupt politicians ever two- to four-years, there is every reason to believe that given certain circumstances in the future, the government will become adversaries to the American people by mandating confiscatory taxes or egregious violations of private property rights. So our founding fathers had a right to be concerned about a future America they could not know.

If there should be legislative changes, let it be a closer cooperation between the schools and the courts in flagging people who are unsuitable to own or use firearms. If there should be legislative changes, let it be an expansion of mental health facilities for those who seem to need the assistance most. And until someone can prove that gun control can actually work, let them keep quiet or argue with the facts.

-- steve

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