Gun Control: The trouble with liberals and people like Michael Tomasky who label dead children as "spoilage factor for freedom"
French-loving, socialist gigolo John Kerry chosen by Obama for Secretary of State

Gun Control: Outrageous tweets from liberals urge murder and violence?

Perhaps we should consider identifying everyone who is threatening death and mayhem and place them on a weapons restriction list? Better yet, investigate them and prosecute them for inciting violence. While all of these people are entitled to their personal opinions, perhaps they are the type of whack jobs that actually plan to carry out their evil intentions or, even worse, inspire others to carry out their evil intentions.

Why should we accept that these people have a right to urge others to commit murder without consequences? I am sure if these people were confronted with law enforcement personnel, they would claim they were being funny, satirical, or engaging in hyperbole.

Bottom line …

Each one of these unthinking liberal asswipes (and there is no other term that is appropriate here) is a hypocrite – openly calling for the very gun violence that they condemn.

-- steve

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Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment

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