Gun Control: What the democrats do not want you to know about their dishonesty and failure to protect their constituents


One again we offer two stories on men who attacked a large number of school children without the use of a gun … and in China, one of the strictest gun control counties in the world. Proving that you cannot deter crazy people or people amped-up on alcohol or drugs from committing heinous acts of violence.

You cannot legislate morality. No law in any nation can prevent tragedy. And to allow politicians to grab even more power and pretend that America is a safer place is immoral, illegal and downright stupid.

-- steve

Chinese man hits students with car, 13 hospitalized


SHIJIAZHUANG, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- A father who was upset with a court ruling after his daughter was murdered drove a car into a group of students during their lunch break in north China, leaving 13 hospitalized, officials said Tuesday. The injured students were not involved in the daughter's murder.

Divorced and without a stable job, Yin Tiejun, 48, ran down 23 students of Fengning No. 1 Middle School, located in the county seat of the Manchu Autonomous County of Fengning, Hebei Province, at noon on Monday. Of the 13 students in hospital, one has a fractured skull, the bones in another's feet are broken and one is suffering from damaged blood vessels in his eyes. The ten others incurred only minor injuries, Fengning officials said, citing sources with the hospital.

Police said Yin lit a bottle of diesel, trying to burn down the car after hitting the students. Police officers, who put out the fire, found a gas tank and firecrackers in the trunk of the car. However, Yin said during interrogation that these were not for an attack. Police cleared Yin of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They said he was upset with a court ruling that did not sentence all his daughter's murderers to death. Yin was detained on charges of endangering public safety on Tuesday.

On Dec. 14, a man broke into an elementary school in central Henan Province, wounding 23 students with a knife. None of the injured were critically hurt, but the attack spread fresh fears among parents on their children's safety.


Source: Xinhua News Agency







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