Obama's White House Cover Up of the 9/11 Benghazi Affair Continues
Gun Control: The trouble with liberals and people like Michael Tomasky who label dead children as "spoilage factor for freedom"


In the face of unspeakable evil, the liberal left appears ready to capitalize on tragedy …

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. ~ Rahm Emanuel

Will the teachers unions demand greater protection from those who would do harm to schoolchildren by demanding that municipalities, states and the federal government pay for additional unionized armed law enforcement personnel for each school?

  • With municipalities and states approaching bankruptcy and the inability to provide continuing services due to bloated and underfunded public employee pensions, does it, make sense to increase the number of workers that fall under the union’s corrupt political influence?
  • Why should we believe that an armed guard could be where and when they are needed, or at least arrive at a moments notice?
  • Why should we believe that the armed guard would not be the first one killed and his weapon taken to add to the mayhem?
  • Why should we create yet another alternate police force – like the force that guards and protects the Los Angeles Unified School District – but does not appear to be able to curtail individual murders?

Will the government mandate the use of metal detectors, TSA-quality x-ray machines and other physical security?

  • How many people would stop a person dressed as a UPS, FedEx or Postal employee carrying a package?
  • How many people would demand that the package be inspected?

Will the anti-gun lobby go crazy and demand that innocent law-abiding citizens be disarmed to protect against an unknown threat that defies detection and deterrence.

  • Even though there were some security protocols in place, it should be recognized that the shooter was an “insider” whose mother worked in the school and that he potentially knew how to circumvent all security precautions or was allowed to enter because he was a familiar face.

How costly and crazy is that?

Are we to fall prey to domestic terrorism, and create prisons out of schools – locking students in at the beginning of the day, monitoring their whereabouts each moment with trackable smart cards, only to release them back into the community every evening? 

  • Two things you can never protect against: insiders with the knowledge of safeguards and keys to the kingdom; and crazy or motivated people who are not afraid to die in the performance of their dastardly deeds.

Bottom line …

Are we to fall prey to corrupt politicians who pursue their own toxic socialist agenda based on the public’s apparent willingness to sacrifice freedom for security? 

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. ~ Benjamin Franklin

There comes a time when we must face what liberals have done to our culture with their political correctness, multi-culturalism and morally equivalency. Where we no longer shame, shun or banish those who do not meet societal norms. When criminals and drug addicts are treated as victims of biology and, even worse, victims of the so-called “system.”

It is time to start demanding parental responsibility. Whether it is a father of multiple children with multiple women paying child support and supervising his children or it is hard-working mothers who go to church but fail to see (or perhaps do not want to see) when their child is misbehaving.

If anything, before disarming innocent law-abiding citizens and removing their last protection from evil, perhaps we need to start tracking psychologically impaired people, drug and alcohol abusers, and those who have committed crimes. Then gun purchases can be correlated to a database of those who cannot legally possess weapons.

To ban a weapon because it looks dangerous, is to proclaim that you are stupid! Criminals and the deranged do not care about rules. They do not care about personal consequences. And they certainly do not care about unarmed victims – deliberately disarmed by the state – as they commit mayhem.

I strongly suggest that you turn off the news for a few days – the repetition and rehash of the events – cannot be good for the collective mental health of the nation – and might just inspire copycat killings in the liberal society which equates famous with infamous – and all that matters is you get your 15-minutes of fame.

Where is the leadership speaking out, explaining the events, calming the situation rather than exploiting it for their own political advantage? That’s the question you must ask yourself? Forget the talking heads, go talk with your children.

-- steve

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