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GUN CONTROL: Another Chicago teen killed by friend playing with gun

Again, another minority-on-minority crime results in a child (15 years old) being added to the crime statistics liberals use to call for enhanced gun control. The problem is that both the shooter and the victim should have not had access to a gun? So where did the gun come from? Where was the parental supervision? And how would disarming innocent law-abiding victims have prevented this “tragedy.”


Police: West Side teen was killed by friend playing with gun

Darius Lewis 17 is charged with reckless discharge weapafter he accidentally shot killed his friend Kentan Scott 15. / Chicago

Darius Lewis, 17, is charged with reckless discharge of a weapon after he accidentally shot and killed his friend Kentan Scott, 15. / Chicago Police

Updated: December 25, 2012 9:06PM

A West Side teenager who died two days after he was shot in the head was killed by a friend playing with a gun, according to police.

Kentan Scott, 15, was shot in the head in his home in the 4800 block of West Quincy Street around 8 p.m. Thursday. Scott’s friend Darius Lewis, 17, was playing with a gun when he shot him in the head, the police said. Lewis, of the 4900 block of West Washington Street, was charged Saturday with reckless discharge of a firearm, a felony, and was being held on $300,000 bail. Source: Police: West Side teen was killed by friend playing with gun - Chicago Sun-Times

Bottom line …

These two boys assumed 100% of the risk of death or injury by playing with a loaded gun. Not only should they have known better, they showed a stunning lack of judgement in not reporting the weapon to the police or an adult – as they live in a very strict gun control city – coincidently run by liberal democrats who believe that some law would have prevented this tragedy.

Why should any one lose their right to self-defense because of these two idiots?

-- steve

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