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Marxist Union tactics to gain media attention: Postal workers continue hunger strike against proposed delivery cuts

Forget the liberal mainstream media, can you spot the real crazy?

Is it possible to breach the gulf between two men who both profess to respect the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment? However, one really is unrealistic about human nature and the propensity of individuals to grab whatever weapon is at hand to play out a scenario created by their warped mind. And it isn’t the one excoriated as the “craziest man on Earth” by a uber-liberal rag published in a city with strict gun control and an abnormally high crime rate.

I was struck by the similar looks between two polarized opposites …

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

Liberal Icon Alan Colmes

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If you read the headline “Just 90 minutes after moment of silence of the Newtown victims, vile NRA nut blames everyone and everything except the guns,” you do not find them calling billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who was calling for gun control – before the bodies of the children were even cold! Likewise, their reporter cannot make a case that the gun shot itself or magically appeared in a school. The truth is that it wasn’t the gun – it was the deranged person who brought the gun to the school and killed the children.

Bottom line …

You cannot always detect or deter crazy and you do not expand freedom and safety by disarming law-abiding citizens. Proof: for the most part, Mexican citizens have some of the strictest gun control laws and yet the nation is awash in gun-related crime.

-- steve

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