Chelsea Clinton Signs on to Hillary 2016 Presidential Campaign by collecting e-mail signatures (using a tax-exempt foundation)?


Who the hell are the democrats and republicans fooling? Both parties profit from political pork and government spending. Both parties require “political cover” for jointly looting the American treasury.

The President believes he has a mandate to do what he did before …

  • Spent more time vacationing, campaigning and fundraising than governing.
  • Lie to the American public with no apparent indication of shame.
  • Put socialists, Marxists and Communists into positions of power and influence.
  • Fund his friends and starve his enemies.
  • Cede actual operational power to people like Valerie Jarrett.
  • Bypass Congress on important issues, ruling by administrative rules and regulations – many of them unconstitutional.
  • Offer aid and comfort to our enemies while disrespecting our allies.

And a significant number of Americans voted for him even as jobs vanished, interest on investments disappeared and the country devolved further into chaos. All witnessed by the mainstream media who stopped “speaking truth to power” in return for government purchases of media time to promote various public policies. In fact, I would not be surprised if the government was holding a criminal indictment over the head of a media mogul in return to move left and moderate criticism on government.

Has anyone noticed that many corporations and wealthy people are manipulating dividend payouts and their investments to avoid the coming tax explosion. 

Look at what Costco has said and done …

Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal at the Democrat National Convention said, “Business needs a president who has covered the backs of businesses, A president who understand what the private sector needs to succeed.A president who takes the long view and makes the tough decisions. And that’s why I am here tonight supporting President Obama.”

Supported Obama politically and then borrowed money to make major payouts to its largest, most wealthy stockholders instead of being using to expand the business.

For Costco co-founder and board member James Sinegal, who has been selling stock this year in planned sales but remains the largest shareholder among Costco officers and directors, the $7 special dividend will amount to a roughly $14 million payout. Other special dividend beneficiaries among Costco's largest institutional shareholders: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Berkshire Hathaway. <Source>

This one-time dividend is timed to allow the heavy hitters to capitalize on the current 15% capital gains rate rather than Obma's "shared pain" of  over 40%.

Speaking of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – has anyone noticed that both of these mega-rich people avoided significant taxation by putting their money in a non-profit foundation. Or that Gate’s Microsoft pays less than their “fair share” of corporate taxes by running operations from foreign tax havens? Or that Buffett’s company appears to be prospering with “special” deals while Buffett wants everybody to pay more.

Bottom line …

The rich and powerful are insulated from the effects of the policies they advocate. They have the money and ability to move money globally to preserve their wealth, whereas the average person has no such benefits and is heavily taxed. How many people noticed that the laws governing insider trading do not cover members of Congress? How many people have noticed that certain families – like the Kennedys Bushs, and Clintons have amassed a great deal of wealth from the family business: politics.

The looting of the American public has been renewed at a vigorous while the corrupt politicians continue to purchase political support with taxpayer dollars.

Where is the politician who can end this travesty before America turns into Greece? Certainly not in the GOP and definitely not in the democrats. Are we doomed, as my best friend Al tells me often?

-- steve

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