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Another discussion sparked by Jovan’s killing of his girlfriend …

In his Talking Points Memo Bill O’Reilly on December 3, 2012 correctly acknowledged the Second Amendment and suggested that all firearms crimes should be federalized. The follow-up with house liberal Juan Williams and house conservative Mary Katherine Ham included a disturbing sentence.

O’Reilly: “Because you are abusing the privilege that we are giving you

Excuse me! God gave you the RIGHT to defend yourself from others who would take your life, your property or kill or harm your family. The Constitution memorialized the right in the Second Amendment. where the right to own and bear arms IS NOT A PRIVILEGE CONFERRED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

O’Reilly appears to be promoting registration – and the a mandatory ten years in a federal prison if you use the weapon and don’t have the registration papers.  Another “useful idiot” that needs NRA training.Perhaps he should talk to Sean Hannity – a marksman who understands the Second Amendment and why the founding fathers were so fearful of government tyranny.

Later in the program, we find Bernie Goldberg, the house commentator on journalism, defending Bob Costas on his gun comments. Goldberg reaffirmed that Costas supported the Second Amendment and was decrying the “gun culture” in America where more bad is done with guns than good. Something which is intellectually dishonest as nobody tallies the lives saved, only the lives lost, including those lives lost when criminals shoot at police as well as accidents.

-- steve

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